Mardi Gras Weekend Next Week

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — If you are not already packing your suitcase in preparation to head to New Orleans for Mardi Gras 2015, you need to make up your mind quickly. Next weekend is Mardi Gras weekend. This weekend I am waiting on my daughter to tell me what 3 parades she and her crew are marching in on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I might already be tired by next weekend. This picture below which I saw this morning has me absolutely ready to go to the French Quarter for some Mardi Gras, Big Easy food.


Ready for Fat Tuesday?

Ready for Fat Tuesday?

BOSCOVILLE (Ferdie Werdie) — I try to be politically correct so that the ladies on ‪#Twitter and #‎Facebook‬ do not get upset with me. However, I cannot be silent about the female referee in the #LosAngelesClippers vs. #ClevelandCavaliers game that just ended. I do not believe in #female referees in the ‪#‎NBA‬. There ya’ go; I know you ladies are gettin’ mad now. The game was a ‪#‎bitchFEST‬ tonight. I think that the girl referee threw 6 or 7 technical fouls just on the Clippers, changing the whole “tenor” of the game. If a Clipper just looked at her “hard” or rather roughly, she called a technical, with one Clipper even being ejected from the game. She should be home cooking or washing dishes, not on an @NBA court. Sorry, ladies. Do not be mad! I’m just saying!

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Also, I am sure that many fans are still following the news about Bobbi Kristina Brown. She had opened her eyes twice, and showed slight improvement, according to earlier reports. Of course, the world knows that she was found unconscious last weekend in a bathtub very similarly to how her mother, Whitney Houston, was in 2012. The circumstances are eerie!! As of this writing, she is still in an induced coma. Her family had been advised to expect the worst, and reports are leaking in that the final word is imminent.

Whitney and Bobbi.

Whitney and Bobbi.

In the latest about her condition,

Previous reports were coming out that Bobbi Kristina was showing signs of life. Requests for prayers from her family and friends (#PrayforBK on Twitter) may have been heeded from BK’s many fans. I have seen many tweets and posts about people around the world praying for Bobbi Kristina.

Here in this tweet Pete Carroll tries to explain his bone-headed play in the Super Bowl.

Why, Warren? Why?

No Smoking in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — A NO SMOKING ban takes effect in 90 days in casinos and bars in New Orleans. Mayor Mitch Landrieu signed the ordinance today. Some smokers are not happy with the new rules.

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — PLUS, I promised my readers to install segments of my 2015 New Orleans Mardi Gras experience. I wish that I had an old-school manual typewriter because that is what we used when I started writing as a “cub reporter” for newspapers in the Big Easy. Meanwhile, I have a question for alimentary canal experts. I want to know if the potency of jalapeno peppers is still “hot, hot, hot” once it passes through the intestines?

TMI??: At the movies yesterday, I used some of those theater jalapeno peppers on a personal pan pizza. My tongue and lips burned a “good” 15 minutes. Last night at home, my stomach started burning up. In the latrine, I had a blow-out from my posterior. My rear-end burned for 7 minutes. Do peppers maintain their potent heat even after going through the digestive tract? Is that even scientifically possible?

Where does the job of the digestive tract end (finito) after doing its job? In other words, what is the final destination of the digestive tract elements after the job is done?

Digestive track EXIT.

Digestive track EXIT.

Also, I am sure that today we are all following the news about Bobbi Kristina Brown. This is so eerie!! She was found unconscious over the weekend in a bathtub very similarly to how her mother, Whitney Houston, was in 2012. As of this writing, she is still in an induced coma. Her family has been advised to expect the worst.

I have seen quite a few movies about the NAZI death camps, and read much about them. I will never get used to the horror. The world is honoring 70 years since the Russian army entered the Nazi Auschwitz death camp to end the German reign of death there. I keep all of those who suffered and died there in my prayers.

My Aunt Berenice Delery

NEW ORLEANS (Delery Gazette) — From an article entitled CREOLE BEAUTIES OF THE 1940S & 1950S at the CreoleGen website a family friend found this picture and story about my Aunt Berenice Delery Moret, my dad’s sister. The picture and story are amazing to me. I sure would like to share it here with my readers.

The CREOLEGEN story said:
Pretty Berenice Delery was pictured in the Xavier Herald of December 1945 when she was a sophomore in the College of Liberal Arts. As a native New Orleanian, she lived at 1906 Annette Street with her parents, Ferdinand Delery, Sr., Beatrice Patterson Delery and several siblings. While at Xavier, she was an active member of the Sodality of Our Lady and one of the ranking students of her class. She married Mr. William Rouege. After his death, she became the wife of Mr. Calvin Moret of New Orleans.

Berenice Delery

Berenice Delery

Sources: The Louisiana Weekly, 27 Feb. 1942 p.4+ 05 August 1944 p.4 + 13 Oct. 1945 p.1; 05 Nov. 1949 p. 1+ 13 Nov. 1954 p.1+ 01 Sept. 1956 p.1; Xavier Herald, Xavier University Archives & Special Collections, Dec. 1944 p. 6+ Dec. 1945 p .5; (census records, etc).

Butter Beans and Turkey Necks

NEW ORLEANS (by Ferdie Werdie) — I needed a change this morning for breakfast. So, I cooked a pot of butter beans and turkey necks. Now, I am good and full. I am ready to go out into this mean, cruel world with a full stomach. Hahaha… You know, it is important to have energy in your bones. I gave up New Orleans po’boys for a while. My ankles and legs swelled up over the weekend. Someone told me that too much French bread is not good for one’s blood pressure. My pressure must have shot up over the weekend because I have been enjoying too many po’boy sandwiches.

Many Saudi and Muslim women are required to wear head-to-toe hijabs. The public is not allowed to even see their eyes. What would the Taliban make of this picture?

In U.S.

In U.S.

My point? I compare the 2 pictures, and wonder who is correct.

Across the pond in Middle East.

Across the pond in Middle East.

Happy Birthday, Halfa’ Pint

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — We sang Happy Birthday to my granddaughter, Halfa’ Pint, this weekend. We celebrated with gumbo, potato salad, crawfish pie, butter pecan cake, ice cream. Plus, on Saturday, all of the kids enjoyed Laser Tag Quest. I will post more pictures later.

We know that she had a great weekend.

Halfa' Pint at Laser Tag Quest birthday celebration.

Halfa’ Pint at Laser Tag Quest birthday celebration.

Chiquita Bananas in Big Easy

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Chiquita Bananas International will once again make its home and base of operations in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am wondering who will be the new Chiquita Banana Lady now that the company is back in the Big Easy! We will see.

“Welcome back, Chiquita Bananas,” she too says below. Louisiana officials announced this week that hundreds of jobs will come back to New Orleans with Chiquita operations moving back: …Dumb-ass Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal already said that he plans to tax citizens of the state $15.5 million to help offset the company’s costs. “What do you think about that, Ferdie Werdie”? asks this lovely young lady.


In the NBA playoffs, these long 7-game series’ in rounds 1 and 2 only tend to kill the fans; but it is also only all about the money for the teams. I guess the fans have to pay the price. One-game eliminations is very exciting in the March Madness Final Four NCAA tournament (also in the pro football NFL). However, in the NBA, you do not want a one-game fluke to determine who moves on to the next round.

I just think that it is too obtrusive to spend a whole month on just the first and second rounds. A 5-game series in each of rounds 1 and 2 will sure determine accurately who should move on to round three and the NBA final four. However, like I said, more games mean more money for the NBA and the teams. Thus, we fans just HAD to suffer through this whole month in order to determine the outcome that everyone and his mama knew was going to happen. It is now Spurs vs. OKC; Indiana vs. Miami.

Also, I am working on an article explaining more about my thoughts of the news that MBA degrees have climbed to the top of the list of college degrees. The MBA degree has now become the most popular college degree in America.

As the editor of the Delery Gazette I originate and work on my stories at my desk at …I am thinking every day about stories that my readers will find interesting. Click the link to see what article/articles that I am working on at my desk presently. I plan to develop a little more deeply the story behind what I am thinking about in the below bedroom scene.

Oh! That IS Lolo Jones here, but it is not what you think. I opened up my TweetDeck on Twitter recently and almost died. I thought that Lolo finally woke up to the light and started following me. Nooo!!! This is only a Lolo fan page. I am a little bit disappointed. I thought that she was getting ready to run into my arms.

Lolo is Following Ferdie


Click the button below in the right-bottom corner to enlarge a sample of my newsfeed:

I am presently doing an in-depth study of what is going on deep within my mind. I will reveal the results of this study later on in this article. However, I know that some good, deep stuff is percolating in that gray matter. Meanwhile, I squoze with my squoogy for a bit in the clouds!! haha.

What in the heck is on Ferdie's mind today?

What in the heck is on Ferdie’s mind today?

Alright! Alright! Alright! I am trying to post what I am thinking. However, I am having a problemo posting the photo. Meanwhile, the mentioned link is beneath this photo of me on the beach until I figure out what is wrong with the incertion.

Ferdie Werdie

Ferdie Werdie is thinking, “BEACH”!

THIS LINK IS WHAT IS ON FERDIE’S MIND PRESENTLY, but Technical Difficuties prevent posting all but the link.

Also, I am wondering who will be the new Chiquita Banana Lady now that Chiquita Brands International is moving back to the Big Easy?

Chiquita Banana Lady

Chiquita Banana Lady

Ferdie Werdie is Editor

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — As the editor of the Delery Gazette I originate and write my stories at I am thinking every day about stories that my readers will find interesting. Click the button below in the right, bottom corner to enlarge my newsfeed to read:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is turning 30 years-old soon; and he is deciding on changes with Facebook that will also show growth similar to his maturity.

Also, now with spring having sprung, I plan to write some lovely stories about fun in the sun.

Yes! Fun in the sun.

Yes! Fun in the sun.

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Is New Orleans Number 1? I studied the tweet below, and clicked to the story because it caught my interest.