Chiquita Bananas in Big Easy

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Chiquita Bananas International will once again make its home and base of operations in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am wondering who will be the new Chiquita Banana Lady now that the company is back in the Big Easy! We will see.

“Welcome back, Chiquita Bananas,” she too says below. Louisiana officials announced this week that hundreds of jobs will come back to New Orleans with Chiquita operations moving back: …Dumb-ass Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal already said that he plans to tax citizens of the state $15.5 million to help offset the company’s costs. “What do you think about that, Ferdie Werdie”? asks this lovely young lady.


In the NBA playoffs, these long 7-game series’ in rounds 1 and 2 only tend to kill the fans; but it is also only all about the money for the teams. I guess the fans have to pay the price. One-game eliminations is very exciting in the March Madness Final Four NCAA tournament (also in the pro football NFL). However, in the NBA, you do not want a one-game fluke to determine who moves on to the next round.

I just think that it is too obtrusive to spend a whole month on just the first and second rounds. A 5-game series in each of rounds 1 and 2 will sure determine accurately who should move on to round three and the NBA final four. However, like I said, more games mean more money for the NBA and the teams. Thus, we fans just HAD to suffer through this whole month in order to determine the outcome that everyone and his mama knew was going to happen. It is now Spurs vs. OKC; Indiana vs. Miami.

Also, I am working on an article explaining more about my thoughts of the news that MBA degrees have climbed to the top of the list of college degrees. The MBA degree has now become the most popular college degree in America.

As the editor of the Delery Gazette I originate and work on my stories at my desk at …I am thinking every day about stories that my readers will find interesting. Click the link to see what article/articles that I am working on at my desk presently. I plan to develop a little more deeply the story behind what I am thinking about in the below bedroom scene.

Oh! That IS Lolo Jones here, but it is not what you think. I opened up my TweetDeck on Twitter recently and almost died. I thought that Lolo finally woke up to the light and started following me. Nooo!!! This is only a Lolo fan page. I am a little bit disappointed. I thought that she was getting ready to run into my arms.

Lolo is Following Ferdie


Click the button below in the right-bottom corner to enlarge a sample of my newsfeed:

I am presently doing an in-depth study of what is going on deep within my mind. I will reveal the results of this study later on in this article. However, I know that some good, deep stuff is percolating in that gray matter. Meanwhile, I squoze with my squoogy for a bit in the clouds!! haha.

What in the heck is on Ferdie's mind today?

What in the heck is on Ferdie’s mind today?

Alright! Alright! Alright! I am trying to post what I am thinking. However, I am having a problemo posting the photo. Meanwhile, the mentioned link is beneath this photo of me on the beach until I figure out what is wrong with the incertion.

Ferdie Werdie

Ferdie Werdie is thinking, “BEACH”!

THIS LINK IS WHAT IS ON FERDIE’S MIND PRESENTLY, but Technical Difficuties prevent posting all but the link.

Also, I am wondering who will be the new Chiquita Banana Lady now that Chiquita Brands International is moving back to the Big Easy?

Chiquita Banana Lady

Chiquita Banana Lady

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