December Babies!

Carl Delery, my brother, recently said, “I’d like to wish collective HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to all four of my December siblings: Ferd, Peggy, Gail and Alan wishing you all the very best in your advancing age. Take care, and may God bless you with many more.


Me!!! Playing my trumpet. The contemporary Jesuit High Band relaxes here while we alumnii play a sassy tune at Alumnii Night.

Since Carl just now called me an old son-of-a-BLEEP in that statement above, I have a story to tell about him in revenge. Ooops! I hate to interrupt my story here, but I just had to say while it is on my mind that I AM TOO IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL (below). I love her! I love her!


Now, back to my story! When my brother, Carl, was 19 years-old, we (he and I) had an apartment on Paris Ave. in New Orleans. On second thought, since it is Christmas week, I will not seek revenge on my brother. Instead, I take this opportunity to wish my family and everyone a very Merry Christmas.


Carl Delery

Also, in that same spirit of Christmas, I post the below picture of me and some relatives at a recent birthday party. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


Ferdie is here at a recent birthday party.

Here is a picture of my dad. I think that you can see a resemblance here. He is smiling here, but I think that we have the same lips.


My dad, Ferdinand Jr.

Happy Birthday, Dominique!

Dear Dominique!! I just left your sister’s house where your mom and I had a nice, long conversation about you, your birthday and other related-type stuff. Hahaha… I will be the bearer of all of that information to you timely because you know that they say I am like a doggone tape recorder :). She says that she hopes that you enjoyed your doggone, nice-looking, delicious-ass CHOCOLATE cake 🙂 🙂 …and, similar-type conversation.


Dominique (right)

That chocolate, birthday cake looks delicious, and I want a piece.

birthday cake

Happy Birthday!!

I sent the below note to my brother because I was supposed to drink my meal-replacement shake for lunch today. However, some no-account handlers did not show up for an appointment at noon; so, I got mad at the world and bought a fish sandwich. I must say that it was actually one of the best catfish po’boy sandwiches that I ever had. The food is always outstanding at the particular establishment that I went to.

Yes, I Got Liked

Look at the surprise #notification that I received last night from Twitter:

A miracle surely did occur inside my house at 7:10 pm New Orleans time on Friday the 13th (May, 2016). I will write about it here at my blog at some point later this weekend because the effects might not quite be finito yet. In fact, I will go off right now in order to re-ignite my Catholic novena candle so that I can fire up more miraculous power from the good #Lord

Also, I was searching this morning for some stuff, and found some very interesting Chinese names.

Former presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s 600 delegates could possibly insist at the Republican convention in July that their votes actually count toward Ted Cruz, hurting Trump’s luster and bluster at the convention. The runner-up himself could minimize his support of Donald Trump if Trump sets an ugly tone towards Cruz’s rights to give a convention speech as the runner up. Plus, there are 3 other possibilities which could or might rear their ugly heads at the Republican convention.

The vote for Trump’s vice-presidential nominee could become contentious. There could be a fight by true conservatives to plug into the platform some of their policies; or, God forbid, some delegates could insist upon a rules change disallowing the 8-state minimum wins in order to nominate anyway who has won delegates. In New Orleans (in other political news) is it illegal for a judge to give a man jail time in a closed hearing from inside a closed court room?

The eleven-day sentence handed down by a local judge has kicked up some controversy in New Orleans. I have truly supported and backed this judge politically in the past. In fact, I have been a grand supporter of his for many years. I plan to read the bulk of paperwork from this case because there has to be something more to the story than reported publicly.

sidney judge

Judge Sidney Cates

Happy Birthday, Halfa’ Pint

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — We sang Happy Birthday to my granddaughter, Halfa’ Pint, this weekend. We celebrated with gumbo, potato salad, crawfish pie, butter pecan cake, ice cream. Plus, on Saturday, all of the kids enjoyed Laser Tag Quest. I will post more pictures later.

We know that she had a great weekend.

Halfa' Pint at Laser Tag Quest birthday celebration.

Halfa’ Pint at Laser Tag Quest birthday celebration.