My Aunt Berenice Delery

NEW ORLEANS (Delery Gazette) — From an article entitled CREOLE BEAUTIES OF THE 1940S & 1950S at the CreoleGen website a family friend found this picture and story about my Aunt Berenice Delery Moret, my dad’s sister. The picture and story are amazing to me. I sure would like to share it here with my readers.

The CREOLEGEN story said:
Pretty Berenice Delery was pictured in the Xavier Herald of December 1945 when she was a sophomore in the College of Liberal Arts. As a native New Orleanian, she lived at 1906 Annette Street with her parents, Ferdinand Delery, Sr., Beatrice Patterson Delery and several siblings. While at Xavier, she was an active member of the Sodality of Our Lady and one of the ranking students of her class. She married Mr. William Rouege. After his death, she became the wife of Mr. Calvin Moret of New Orleans.

Berenice Delery

Berenice Delery

Sources: The Louisiana Weekly, 27 Feb. 1942 p.4+ 05 August 1944 p.4 + 13 Oct. 1945 p.1; 05 Nov. 1949 p. 1+ 13 Nov. 1954 p.1+ 01 Sept. 1956 p.1; Xavier Herald, Xavier University Archives & Special Collections, Dec. 1944 p. 6+ Dec. 1945 p .5; (census records, etc).

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