Happy Birthday, Halfa’ Pint

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — We sang Happy Birthday to my granddaughter, Halfa’ Pint, this weekend. We celebrated with gumbo, potato salad, crawfish pie, butter pecan cake, ice cream. Plus, on Saturday, all of the kids enjoyed Laser Tag Quest. I will post more pictures later.

We know that she had a great weekend.

Halfa' Pint at Laser Tag Quest birthday celebration.

Halfa’ Pint at Laser Tag Quest birthday celebration.

Me Singing Cover Song

Clip of my latest cover song.

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Ferdie Werdie
I sing this song for my brother Carl’s critique. I seek his honest opinion. Made with love using Windows Live Movie Maker (http://download.live.com/).
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Ferdie Werdie: The clip is cut off rather short b/c only a small amount of audio can be attached from a cell phone.
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The Cross of Jesus

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Sometimes I get tired of atheists tearing down the name of the Lord. Yes, I know that our salvation is based on blind faith. Now, If a piece of Jesus’ cross was truly found recently, as archaeologists are saying, that increases my faith. Would Jesus voluntarily and willingly have gone to the cross if His message was a lie?
Archaeologists: “We found a piece of Jesus’ cross.”
Cross of Jesus

Cross of Jesus

Archaeologists working at an ancient church in Turkey think they’ve unearthed a piece of the world’s most famous cross, the one used to crucify Jesus.
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  • Ferdie Werdie P.S. Sometimes your faith is hanging on barely by a thread. Where is God? He is so invisible! I do not hear Him talking to me. Then, at other times He is burning up right in my presence ..in my face. You have to praise the Lord daily, by the minute b/c  He exists/lives in our praises. Every day, every hour I pick up my guitar or sit by my piano and sing out #praise to the Lord until He enters my presence and talks with me.