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I am studying that you have to see the cross in your situation before you see the resurrection.

…as I seek the face and voice of the Lord.

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  • Saints 2023 Record
    See the link below where AI predicts that the SAINTS will have an 11-6 record. I predict a 6-11 record because the nincompoop offensive coordinator keeps sticking […]
  • Clarence Thomas
    Clarence is not leaving for himself a great legacy in history. How can you say he is a credit to his race when he is tearing down […]
  • Holiday Food
    I will cook a batch of my cajun boudin soon, and post a picture of a new addition to my recipe. Of course, I might also write […]
  • George Armstrong Custer
    This is a brief allusion to George Armstrong Custer and Custer’s Last Stand. I will add more information later on from my “Last Stand” study. Sitting Bull […]
  • Snoop Dog
    Big Mama sang it before Elvis did. I am trying to remember if Elvis sang it for his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. This hit launched […]
  • All-Star Zion Williamson
    JESUS H. CHRIST!! Pelicans’ #ZionWilliamson is named as a starter on the #NBA All-Star team. #Hallelujah! What in the hell do you think of that? I cannot […]
  • Mardi Gras 2023
    Here I write about a Mardi Gras memory; a blast from the past! Firstly, a note: by Ferdie (Jan. 28, 2023) — I received some good news […]
I plan to incorporate my Latest Scrolls into my next book. 

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Moreover, I now mention and describe some of my noteworthy and latest Delery Gazette  articles for your consumption and utilization. I also have an archives drop-down list of all of my articles in the menu. I wrote a recent article, Latest Scrolls, using scrolls from my Captain’s Log which I write in daily. March 15, 2022 >>I hope to have another article to publish very soon.

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Meanwhile, my scrolls are like “my take” on my experiences for each day. Plus, a next article is online at my desk being edited “as I go.” It is entitled The Rabbit Hole. Also, I want to write an article about my thoughts since I first saw O.J. Simpson’s videos on Twitter. I immediately started making videos myself. Of course, O.J. has the right to tweet his videos. My thought: Well, so do I.

Cut her grass too while in Rabbit Hole.

“To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his fathers, And the temples of his gods.” ― the Captain of the Gate

I wrote the draft for my lastest article using my word processor where I can proceed more slowly and leisurely offline. Anyway! I also wrote about: BUTTER! with a trick I learned. Speaking of which, Kim surely makes me think about butter and honey on a hot biscuit.


What has the ex-first-daughter Ivanka Trump been up to these day. I will do a search on her to see what she is doing these days. It was reported that she pulled away from her knuckleheaded daddy’s (Donald Trump) insurrection attempt and lies about the last election.


Preview also: George Armstrong Custer lost his life and everyone’s life in his battalion of the 7th Cavalry at Little Bighorn because he wanted only himself and his troops to be first to attack Sitting Bull’s village. Why? In order to capture young Native girls for his carnal pleasure for the journey back East. In his previous mission he killed everyone in the village except 17 young Native girls whom he dragged back East to rape and to share his tent during the march.

Native American Girl

Studies have shown (true story) that looking at a woman’s legs is good for a man’s heart (the increased blood flow). A few minutes of #oogling at a woman’s legs is better than an hour or so of jogging. So, I exercise like this every day. NOTE: in the streets, I wear dark glasses so the ladies cannot see where my eyes are aiming when I “zero in” using this technique.

Keeping my eyes in my head.

All Companies of the 7th Cavalry (getting back to Custer) were supposed to rendezvous at Little Bighorn before attacking Sitting Bull’s village, but Custer disobeyed orders because of lust for the Native girls and personal glory. Custer’s body was found with an arrow shoved up his penis which the U.S. Army did not reveal to his wife.

George Armstrong Custer

I entitled my new story LESS BUTTER. It will also be about existing in the nationwide freeze, about the pandemic and about the Trump insurrection among other things. UPDATE: I wrote about these others at my desk, see entitled THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. My article about the Super Bowl is still at my editor’s desk too. So, click THE PICKS to read my pre-game picks at my desk. In my DELERY GAZETTE, I want to add some of my dialogue to all of the fine thoughts in the world. My articles cover a range of current and historical issues. Under the menu you can find a preview of my 3 books.

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HELL TO THE NO!! The RAMS traded Jared Goff to DETROIT for Matthew Stafford. This makes no sense to me. I have to study this move… and the SAINTS keep Taysom Hill. That should have been the trade, Taysom for Stafford.

I don’t get it.

Oh, wow! Below is Ferdie, me, as #JackSparrow. In real life, I truly do have ancestors who were real Pirates of the Caribbean. I traced Jean Lafitte as possibly one of them, or there abouts.

These are a few of my latest posts listed here. I mention firstly Sitting Wolf because of the interesting story that is behind my adoptive Native Arapahoe name.

I have highlighted some of my latest posts for you. Plus, in the drop down MENU (under Posts, for your selection) you will find all of my posts in order by date. Enjoy!

Me Sitting Wolf

Yes, SEE now (above) my article about my ancestors and their ties with Sitting Bull and the Arapahoes. My adoptive Native American name is Sitting Wolf. READ IT  >>and NEXT!!

Two Heads

Two heads are better than one; like the girl I pictured in Two Heads.  THEN, let us not forget about incitement to insurrection and sedition which I report on in this next post.


Some of my posts listed here have a thread of connection running through them. Take note of the one (above) I called Sedition.

King Farouk

Some of my posts listed here have a thread of connectivity running through them. Like (above), how I got the call from Wakan Tankan one day. King Farouk.

More posts…

The First Chicken

What did the chicken ask before she crossed the road?

The Gazette

Oh my God! Oh my God! Marvelous are your works. Gracias! Look at Ferdie’s Books …you might like one.

Oh, wow! Below is a link of Ferdie, me, as #JackSparrow. In real life, I truly do have ancestors who were real Pirates of the Caribbean. I traced Jean Lafitte as possibly one of them, or there abouts.                   

New Orleans, LA