Why Sodom and Gomorrah Ended

What was the #1 sin that brought down the wrath of God onto Sodom and Gomorrah? #Homosexuality. Genesis Chapter 19 says: “The LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah — from the LORD out of the heavens. Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, including all those living in the cities…”

Read more: http://www.gotquestions.org/Sodom-and-Gomorrah.html#ixzz3elFqtAyx

On a different subject, do you really want your lady to be a genius? I know that Sarah Palin has done some boneheaded things, but she makes my heart pitter patter. For real! Me likes her!!

Sarah! Honey!! What are you doing to me, girl? Is it alright for me to dream about Sarah?

In the Beginning, God said…

NEW ORLEANS (by Ferdie Werdie) —
In the beginning, God said: I play the trumpet.
In 1967, Louis Armstrong said: No kidding? You too?
In 2014, Ryan Seacrest said: I play the clarinet…
Go figure! Hahaha…

Here is Ferdie practicing for a gig this weekend on his INSTRUMENT OF THE LORD.

Ferdie Werdie

Ferdie Werdie

People often ask me, “Ferdie, what do you dream about? What comes up mostly in your dreams”? I tell them that often I dream about loved ones and relatives who have passed away. I often have vivid dreams where loved ones visit me in my dreams, and we have in-depth long conversations. I also have many, vivid, lively dreams about fine, lovely young ladies; some of whom I do not even know. I wake up truly feeling like I had just spent time with these ladies. I have even subsequently met some of these dream girls in real life. Unbelievable! They often look just like from my dreams. In fact, beginning over 30 years ago I used to dream about the very house that I live in now. I wrote a book in 2002 I HAVE A DREAM about living in this exact house. Who would have even imagined back then that I would now be living in this house. Out of the blue, I was offered to buy this house in 2007.

The Lord Reveals a Blessed Moment

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I was totally insulted last weekend on June 22 by a couple of my detractors at a family reunion event. The good Lord, throughout this week, has unveiled to me a special blessing for me and a special mission for me since the rude incident. The Lord said that all of my ancestors from Jean Lafitte to Dr. Charles Delery and all the way to my loving dad (Ferdinand Delery, Jr.) are wildly cheering me on in this mission like I am in a FIFI World Cup soccer battle. By Monday I plan to add the blessed words from the Lord to the Gazette site. I am working on it currently at my editor’s desk. Please be patient while I polish up my media presentation of these words from the Lord. Meanwhile, I put a few paragraphs here below just to preview to you what I am writing about.

Here is an update of where I am with the story on Tuesday morning July 1, 2014.

ALRIGHT, Y’ALL! UPDATE: As you can see in my tweet above, yes, I am working on my article about my getting booted out of an event last weekend for the Delery Family Reunion; and about the Lord’s powerful revelation to me. I have not finished writing about the facts yet. However, the good Lord is trying to make me joyous and contented; but, I STILL WANT TO BE MAD AND DISGRUNTLED! I have turned into a grouchy old man like in the movies, AND I LOVE IT!! Anyway, I continue to write the story; and I will publish it when I finish writing the facts. Thank you!

NOTE: In my prayers, I always remember how the Lord broke the bonds of the cross and the insults of His persecutors with the glory and power of His exit from the grave.

Who in the heck thinks they can nail me to the cross without the virtue of the Lord pouring down upon me.

I seek to run with the legions of anointed warriors in the army of the Lord. Plus, in the furthest reaches of my mind, I do not even much care what image my detractors have of me. I cannot concern myself with what image people want to make me into. Since before I could even hold my own baby bottle I walked with Jesus; and (like it or not, my detractors) my self-image has always been similar to the likes of: Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, James Bond 007. I am a card-carrying member of the likes of that group.

Jesus Christ loves me. I know that! Jesus Christ loves you too!

Busy prioritizing my detractors, my special assistant (my Bond Girl) says:

Ferdie, honey, are you ready for your mission?

Ferdie, honey, are you ready for your mission?

Paula Patton will be MINE

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Hollywood Movie star and sex kitten Paula Paton is about to fall from the sky straight into my arms like an angel. WATCH!! I am not playing. She will be mine. Now that she and singer Alan Thicke are separating, it is my time to woo and whatever this lovely, fine and sexy thang. THERE IS A GOD IN HEAVEN!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Halleluiah!!!


UPDATE: I just tweeted Paula and officially asked for a date. On the set of DEJA VU in New Orleans in 2006 Paula eyeballed me once. I was an extra in the movie. Denzel Washington got upset at me for the attention, and cut me out of some of the scenes.