I Am the Second Coming

There are prophecies in the Holy Scriptures that prophesy that I am THE SECOND COMING. In the next few days, I will elucidate, enumerate and elaborate on the prophecies about me. Come on, man!! Have you not read in the Scriptures about the sounding of THE LAST TRUMPET? Have you not heard of the RAPTURE? In the meantime, start looking into the clouds and listening for “the sounding of the last trump.”

I am seen at the bottom of the marquee. I like to close the night out. UPDATE: last night there were many fine, gorgeous women screaming and hollering during my songs like I was the The Beatles. I am not making this up. I am more surprised than anybody. They were screaming even during some of my songs on the trumpet. All of those fine thangs in their short shorts and mini-skirts screaming and cutting up like that made me regret not filming the show.


I like to close the show.

Before I started playing my trumpet on Thursday night at the club, I read:
From the lyrics of the song…
We are travelling in the footsteps
Of those who’ve gone before us
But we’ll all be reunited
On a new and sunlit shore!
Oh when the saints go marching in
Oh Lord I want to be in that number!


The sounding of the last trumpet.

In the Beginning, God said…

NEW ORLEANS (by Ferdie Werdie) —
In the beginning, God said: I play the trumpet.
In 1967, Louis Armstrong said: No kidding? You too?
In 2014, Ryan Seacrest said: I play the clarinet…
Go figure! Hahaha…

Here is Ferdie practicing for a gig this weekend on his INSTRUMENT OF THE LORD.

Ferdie Werdie

Ferdie Werdie

People often ask me, “Ferdie, what do you dream about? What comes up mostly in your dreams”? I tell them that often I dream about loved ones and relatives who have passed away. I often have vivid dreams where loved ones visit me in my dreams, and we have in-depth long conversations. I also have many, vivid, lively dreams about fine, lovely young ladies; some of whom I do not even know. I wake up truly feeling like I had just spent time with these ladies. I have even subsequently met some of these dream girls in real life. Unbelievable! They often look just like from my dreams. In fact, beginning over 30 years ago I used to dream about the very house that I live in now. I wrote a book in 2002 I HAVE A DREAM about living in this exact house. Who would have even imagined back then that I would now be living in this house. Out of the blue, I was offered to buy this house in 2007.

We Bury the Hatchet

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — In my blog today, I will attempt to answer my brother’s charges that I treat him badly because I graduated from Jesuit High School in New Orleans and he graduated from the nearby public high school Kennedy High.

I have more space to answer his charges on my blog. Here is Carl’s gripe.
from: Carl Delery. Re: Ferdie & his #JesuitHighNewOrleans experience.

To: Tevis (our life-long friend). There’s a fault in Ferd’s game plan, a braggadosious attitude. For some time now my big brother has found it fit to impolitely interject, with unsolicited criticismn my mastery of the English language. While I ‘playfully’ admonish his unwarranted criticism of my use of ponctuations and occasional spelling error. This so called Jesuit Boy was not taught humility along with his studies. I have taken it upon myself to give him his just accolades, while at the same time I feel compelled to throw darts at his attempt at educational superiority. This Jesuit Boy can bragg about Jesuit experience. Ask him about being first trumpet, or drowning attempts, or Lieutenant strips, etc. Please send me to Kennedy High where we were able to address the adversary and still learn, if you were so compelled. Goo Jesuit.

From: Ferdie Yes, Carl. However, I admire the many things that you have learned and are good at. You know karate. You know how to beat up and badly injure people. You know how to torture and lay heavy pain on people. You know how to break people’s necks and break bones. You know how to make people scream & holler, and run down the street in fear. You know how to choke people. Carl, these are all lovely and wonderful things to know. Don’t you know that I wish that I could do all those things instead of living my life in total fear. I wish that I could beat up people and strike fear in people like you do. I often think about moving up to New Jersey with you in order to learn from you, but I am afraid of coming back to New Orleans all bruised up with broken bones, etc.