NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I am too happy going into Monday morning. Yes, I am in ecstasy. The New Orleans Saints are 3-0, baby. Next Monday on Monday Night Football, the Saints meet the Miami Dolphins who are also undefeated at 3-0. I cannot wait for the game. FIREWORKS, baby!!

Yes, this should be a nice long week of WHO DAT happiness. Next week, either the Saints or the Dolphins will be closing out Monday Night Football at 4-0. Hold onto your hats, Who Dat fans. Geaux Saints!

In other news, the U.S. Postal Service has created a stamp for icon musician Ray Charles.

Never Take Points Off The Board

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Football Rule #1:  Never take points off the board. Once the #Saints scored the early field goal on Sunday, Coach Sean Payton should not have decided to erase the points and go for the touchdown after the penalty (especially running with Mark Ingram). Keep those 3 points on the board, and come back to fight another day. It was those 3 points which almost cost the Saints the game.  However, the #WhoDats were good enough on Sunday to overcome that early mistake.

Here below is a movie clip from TERROR NIGHTS based on my book THE TERROR SCROLLS.

Looking at the below picture might make up my mind to buy season tickets for the basketball New Orleans Pelicans.

Below is a clip of the movie Meet the Girls that I am promoting from my book Drive Women Crazy.

Spell Well vs. Fight Well

Needing to Smooth Out the War Path …let’s bury the tomahawk.

by Ferdie Werdie
a RePOST: @ Carl Delery Re: My knowing a lot of big words, and how to spell a lot of stuff. >>I wish that I knew karate and all the stuff that you know, Carl. You have the knowledge to beat me up. That is truly something to be happy about. All I can do is spell a lot of stuff, and say some big words. So what if I questioned your spelling? Who is the winner if you ever get your hands on me?
Also, in further/other news:

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Best Draft of 2013

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — The BEST DRAFT of 2013 Award was awarded to Dominique Baptiste. Yahoo! Sports awarded its Best Draft 2013 Award on Sunday August 11, 2013, in a ceremony in Gentilly of New Orleans attended by many party goers. The proud father, Ferdie Werdie, said at the festivities, “I am very happy to see that Dominique has learned so much about football from me.”

Best Draft

Best Draft is awarded to the team with the most projected season points based on weekly optimal starting lineups.

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First Draft Award

At the same ceremony: Joined a live draft for the first time goes to

& Won by: Aida Elsayed, the proud mother of award-winner Dominique.

Date earned: August 11, 2013

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A. Peterson vs. #GayMarriage

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Mixing sports with politics (the gay-marriage issue & the coming-out issue) is once again in the news. Top NFL #runningback voices opposition. Vikings’ Adrian Peterson is probably the best r/b in the league. He has now come out on the side of not liking gay-marriage. I looked up the definition of marriage. There are 2 definitions now in dictionary.com: a) union between a man & woman; b) gay marriage.

Adrian Peterson says he’s ‘not with’ gay marriage – NFL – SI.com


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – NFL MVP Adrian Peterson says he has family members who are gay whom he loves and respects. But on gay marriage, the Minnesota Vikings running back says “that’s not something I believe in.”Read More at Sport Illustrated: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2013/football/nfl/wires/05/27/2020.ap.fbn.vikings.peterson.gay.marriage.0158/index.html#ixzz2UVsBLJfK
My readers are probably looking for a clearer opinion from me. I must admit that I have to study the issue further. That is why I looked up the definition of marriage. I thought that looking up the definition would give me a clear-cut, black-and-white answer. However, now-a-days even vaunted institutions like our dictionary have changed to reflect modern mores/customs. Which, I must say, is actually the definition of a dictionary. Our dictionaries change, mend and bend with time.
The encyclopedia, however,  tells a different story. I subsequently looked up the word “marriage” in the encyclopedia. This definition is it my friends. This encyclopedia definition is how I roll! haha: MARRIAGE; socially sanctioned union that reproduces the family. END OF SUBJECT. CASE CLOSED! Adrian Peterson seems to be CORRECT.

NBA Playoff Bracket

(Delery Gazette) New Orleans — SORRY! There were errors in transposing the bracket to my website. I posted YAHOO’s bracket, but there must be some kind of lock or encryption on the HTML. So, meanwhile, I will leave here what survived the translation. If I can figure things out I will try again to post the bracket here. SORRY!!

My money tonight is on San Antonio. I predict that San Antonio will meet Miami Heat in the championship series. DUH!!!



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    Memphis vs San Antonio
    San Antonio

Spurs lead series 1-0

  • Miami Heat's LeBron James (6) talks with Dwyane Wade (3) during the first half of Game 5 of an NBA basketball Eastern Conference semifinal against the Chicago Bulls, Wednesday, May 15, 2013, in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Live in da Hive vs. Miami Heat

Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale

The fine Jennifer Hale ‏@JenHale504 on 25 March tweeted:
Hornets upset the Nuggets 110-86 with 7 Nola players in double digits. Next up: Clippers & Heat.

My Reply to @JenHale504:

Ferdie Werdie‏ @ferdiewerdie tweeted,
@JenHale504 >>We couldn’t do it. #Clippers prevailed. #TGIF & let’s beat da #Heat as #Hornets are again live in da hive. Jennifer, I just have to say to you right here: Geaux, You Fine Thang …You are totally gorgeous; and you make me shake like a leaf every time you do an interview on TV. Like Elvis said, “I’M ALL SHOOK UP!!”

Fine Interviews: Jennifer Hale

NEW ORLEANS (by Ferdie) — I recently replied with a tweet to lovely Jennifer Hale, the gorgeous sandy-haired courtside reporter for the Hornets, about the Hornets’ fortunes. In the photo above she is showing her lovely smile. On Monday, March 25, I absolutely enjoyed watching the Hornets break the Denver Nuggets’ 15-game winning streak. The Bees scored the victory even without 1st-string play-makers Eric Gordan & Greivis Vasquez who were injured. It was an exciting game! I just had to put my two-cents in Re: Jennifer’s tweet. Between the action on the court and Jennifer’s fine interviews, I had a fun time. Subsequently, the high-flying Los Angeles Clippers dared to come to the Big Easy on Wednesday, March 27, and bury their foot in the Hornets’ buttockle area. TONIGHT in the hive: The Heat! The Heat! The Miami Heat! YES, I’M STUTTERING!

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Brian Roberts (back-up point guard for Greivis Vasquez) on Monday could not himself believe the outstanding performance which he delivered to help end Denver’s 15-game win streak.

Pelicans: Wait ‘Til Next Year



by Ferdie Werdie

If you turn off any Hornets game with 5 or 6 minutes left you would have seen a great game. The Hor”PELI”cants were beating the “hated” Lakers by 21 points near the end of the 3rd Quarter, but lost 108-102 in the end. Coach Monty Williams SUCKS! Almost every game, the Pelicants have a large lead into the final minutes of the game ..until that terrible coach, Monty, starts coaching us to a horrific loss. What a genius! NOTtttttt!!!!

I Wuv the Lakers

Ferdie@ferdiewerdie2013 Playoffs NOTE: this was posted in 2013. The LAKERS were swept by the Spurs that year. The Hornet were last in their division that year. The Pelicans were last in their division this year. The Pelicans will be last in their division forever, unless they get a new coach. I will WUV the Lakers before the Pelicans climb from the cellar as long as they keep this “bottom-feeder” coach.

@Hornets >>The doggone #Lakers have plopped their butts in a seat to the #bigdance. Plenty games are left, but they sat their big butts at the #8thSeed position for now. If these guys can hold onto a seat to the dance, I believe that they will be dangerous. Look how far they’ve come this year.

Why did I address this tweet to the Hornets? Because they have disappointed me very much this year. So, I might just become a Lakers fan for the rest of the year. What choice do I have? Also, I do not plan to wait around all off-season just to watch the Pelicans have another sub-par season next year. I do not trust Hornets/Pelicans coach Monty Williams with the family jewels. His decision-making has been very suspect this year. In my opinion he is a lousy son-of-a-beoyonggg.

Thus, I will begin cheering for the dang Lakers in order for me to maintain my sanity. What could be worst? Besides that, if the Pelicans hold onto coach Monty and have another lousy year next year, I believe that it will be years before the Pelicans become truly meaningful in the NBA. I am a N’Awlins boy, but I have to respect how the Lakers slid their tails into a party seat after how their season started off. Remember that both the Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets cut their losses early in the season and hired new coaches. Now, both teams are headed to the playoffs. hahaha >>to the New Orleans HorPelicants.