Heidi Klum

To explain the meaning of the Louisiana state flag, one must stress the fact of the Catholic spiritual act of self mutilation or self torture. This is called vulning which many Catholics have practiced throughout history. The pelican harms itself to feed blood to the three chicks. This is symbolic of Christ who sacrificed his blood to save his followers. Louisiana is historically a Catholic state based on its French and Spanish roots.

NOTE: The Dodgers will win next year. The San Diego Padres are still hanging on this year. UPDATE: Eventually, the Houston Astros beat the Phillies in the 2022 World Series after the Phillies eliminated the Padres 4 games to 1 in their series.

In the meantime, I would surely enjoy some pie...

My warning to all of the dummies and critics in the world: you do not eat the whole pan, you big dummy.

Do no eat whole pan.

I was in a movie with Paula, DEJA VU. I know that I mention this occasionally. I am watching one of her other movies right now and that is what made me bring it up. I was an extra in Deja Vu; Paula was one of the Stars. We eyeballed each other on the set. I tweeted her to ask her out after she and her husband, singer Robin Thicke, broke up. I tweeted her to ask if she wanted me to escort her to the Oscars.

Paula Patton and my tweet to her. I asked her out on a date.

And now, here is Heidi Klum in the picture below. I had posted a video of Heidi here also, but I took it down today. In the video, she was “too sexy for herself.” ๐Ÿ™‚ I heard a comedian say that onstage once. He said that he was too sexy for himself.

Heidi Klum

Then, here goes O.J. running off his mouth how Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension for molesting 27 women was a long enough punishment. My opinion is that Deshaun should have been suspended for the whole season.

O.J. puts foot in… mouth.

My current take on the New Orleans Saints: I turned my TV off Sunday in the 4th Quarter after 2 horrific referee calls. I cannot take it anymore! P.S. I have the hat on in the picture below because my head got cold overnight.

Geaux Saints!

Okay, Elvis! HIT IT!!
This is a great scene...

O.J. On Hunger Strike

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I plan to write more once the latest news rolls in: O.J. is on a hunger strike in prison, according to http://www.MailOnline.com and wants to die.

In the below video a news source, Christian “journalist” Lyn Leahz, says that she contacted the Nevada State Correctional Department who said that O.J. is not on a hunger strike. I take this video at face value, but I believe that Nevada is struggling with a despondent Simpson. Lenz said that she spoke with a gentleman in charge of media relations.

MORE NEWS will be forthcoming once we find out whom to believe. Some of the sources corroborating information on the hunger strike: YAHOO NEWS, DAILY MAIL UK, International Business Times, National Enquirer, Turner Radio Network, SOFTPEDIA, and more. In fact, the list of corroborating sources is even longer. Some articles report that Nevada will โ€˜force feedโ€™ him.

Sources say that O.J. is on a hunger strike in prison.

Sources say that O.J. is on a hunger strike in prison.