S. Carolina’s Confederate Flag

How long will S. Carolina take to remove that dang, infernal treasonous flag? Alabama removed theirs instantly. By the way, because of an incident involving Carolina’s flag years ago I have never ever again gone to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival…​ ever again. Directly after I bought my #JazzFest ticket and entered the gate, guess what I saw concerning South Carolina. Note: NOT old Glory… (read more)

Because of #SouthCarolina’s rebel flag I stopped #coldturkey going to the New Orleans Jazz Fest years ago. A large group of revelers from South Carolina were waving a very large confederate flag inside the gate at the #JazzFest. I turned right around and asked for a refund of my ticket. I asked to see the manager. The #2 man at the Jazz Fest himself refused to return my money. I have never, ever spent another penny on a New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. PERIOD!!


Did a lady really climb up the flagpole to remove the Carolina flag? Is the below tweet real? UPDATE: Yes this is real. A black female climbed the pole in S. Carolina on Saturday morning, June27, and removed the flag. Once she climbed back to the ground, she was arrested and the flag was run back up. Oh, Carolina, you are wrong for this!!

I posted the below picture from a discussion that my cousin replied to relating how Columbus and the Pilgrims were actually illegal aliens who stole the land then enslaved another race. This site might not handle his post (which I inserted below the picture) because of privacy settings. However, this picture exemplifies what South Carolina’s Flag represents.

The Rebel flag represents this.

The Rebel flag represents this.

How hypocritical THEY are!! These right-wingers today are blind and cheeky. Plus, they want to wave a treasonous, Confederate flag in everyone’s face.

..NOW paleface in 2015 wants to turn away so-called “illegal aliens.”

Where is the Wrath of God?

Where is the wrath of God? Where is the swift justice? There is no such thing any longer in America. After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, how many and how swiftly were the perpetrators hanged? Very, very swiftly and all of them were executed. This boy, Dylann Roof, assassinated a State Senator and 9 other black people and is still breathing good air. Will the South Carolina justice system provide swift retribution for the Church victims and for the country? I do not think so at all. This boy will most likely still be breathing and spouting hatred and execrations 50 years from now.

In the Beginning, God said…

NEW ORLEANS (by Ferdie Werdie) —
In the beginning, God said: I play the trumpet.
In 1967, Louis Armstrong said: No kidding? You too?
In 2014, Ryan Seacrest said: I play the clarinet…
Go figure! Hahaha…

Here is Ferdie practicing for a gig this weekend on his INSTRUMENT OF THE LORD.

Ferdie Werdie

Ferdie Werdie

People often ask me, “Ferdie, what do you dream about? What comes up mostly in your dreams”? I tell them that often I dream about loved ones and relatives who have passed away. I often have vivid dreams where loved ones visit me in my dreams, and we have in-depth long conversations. I also have many, vivid, lively dreams about fine, lovely young ladies; some of whom I do not even know. I wake up truly feeling like I had just spent time with these ladies. I have even subsequently met some of these dream girls in real life. Unbelievable! They often look just like from my dreams. In fact, beginning over 30 years ago I used to dream about the very house that I live in now. I wrote a book in 2002 I HAVE A DREAM about living in this exact house. Who would have even imagined back then that I would now be living in this house. Out of the blue, I was offered to buy this house in 2007.

Saints’ #WhoDAT Purgatory

NEW ORLEANS (by Ferdie Werdie) — I have doubted the New Orleans Saints for many weeks now; and predicted 8 straight losses. However, #Purgatory? Do I deserve #Saints Purgatory? That is what Who Dats are saying. I guess what goes around, comes around. I am now on “bended knee,” reciting the Catholic “Mea Culpa” prayer of penance. Yes, it is MY FAULT. I confess that I doubted the Saints. Through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault! However, I am wearing my black-and-gold pajamas right now; and I promise to wear them every night this week.

My sentence: A Who Dat named Joan told me, “Not so fast!!! The gates are closed to you!!! To gain entry you must 1st go to purgatory & remain there until you are deemed worthy to again be counted in that #! The SAINTS don’t like DAT!”


Saints Cheerleaders

The Lord Reveals a Blessed Moment

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I was totally insulted last weekend on June 22 by a couple of my detractors at a family reunion event. The good Lord, throughout this week, has unveiled to me a special blessing for me and a special mission for me since the rude incident. The Lord said that all of my ancestors from Jean Lafitte to Dr. Charles Delery and all the way to my loving dad (Ferdinand Delery, Jr.) are wildly cheering me on in this mission like I am in a FIFI World Cup soccer battle. By Monday I plan to add the blessed words from the Lord to the Gazette site. I am working on it currently at my editor’s desk. Please be patient while I polish up my media presentation of these words from the Lord. Meanwhile, I put a few paragraphs here below just to preview to you what I am writing about.

Here is an update of where I am with the story on Tuesday morning July 1, 2014.

ALRIGHT, Y’ALL! UPDATE: As you can see in my tweet above, yes, I am working on my article about my getting booted out of an event last weekend for the Delery Family Reunion; and about the Lord’s powerful revelation to me. I have not finished writing about the facts yet. However, the good Lord is trying to make me joyous and contented; but, I STILL WANT TO BE MAD AND DISGRUNTLED! I have turned into a grouchy old man like in the movies, AND I LOVE IT!! Anyway, I continue to write the story; and I will publish it when I finish writing the facts. Thank you!

NOTE: In my prayers, I always remember how the Lord broke the bonds of the cross and the insults of His persecutors with the glory and power of His exit from the grave.

Who in the heck thinks they can nail me to the cross without the virtue of the Lord pouring down upon me.

I seek to run with the legions of anointed warriors in the army of the Lord. Plus, in the furthest reaches of my mind, I do not even much care what image my detractors have of me. I cannot concern myself with what image people want to make me into. Since before I could even hold my own baby bottle I walked with Jesus; and (like it or not, my detractors) my self-image has always been similar to the likes of: Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, James Bond 007. I am a card-carrying member of the likes of that group.

Jesus Christ loves me. I know that! Jesus Christ loves you too!

Busy prioritizing my detractors, my special assistant (my Bond Girl) says:

Ferdie, honey, are you ready for your mission?

Ferdie, honey, are you ready for your mission?

I Am A Lion

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — DO NOT mistake me for a member of POLITE SOCIETY. Why? There has been a rash of people beating me over the head about ME and MY life. You are getting on my nerves. You need to know right here, right now that I am a cross between a mountain lion and a grizzly bear. Please do not try to make me into a cute, little puppy dog or something like that. THEY called my dad THE Green-Eyed Monster, Jr., (actually because of the color of his eyes). I am the Green-Eyed Monster III (probably because of DNA). I am Ferd THE Third. Let’s get that straight.

I do not want to waste my time trying to figure out what kind of image my detractors have of me. That is their problem. At an early age (I think at about 9 or 10 months-old), I realized that I was a rebel; and there was nothing anyone could do about it. One of my proudest moments was when I had a fight as an altar boy at Corpus Christi Church before Mass (ON the altar in front of the congregation in my full altar boy outfit) in which I beat the other altar boy with a stick. I had pulled the “STOP” flag off of my patrol boy stick for the festivities. The next day, the priests had a hearing with me and kicked me “clean” off the Altar Boy Society. I loved it! I was only 11 years-old, and LOVED IT! Who in the hell thinks they can change me now.

I do not seek to run in polite society. I was a rebel since I was 2 months-old (actually realizing it only when I was 9 months-old). In the furthest reaches of my mind, I do not even much care what image my detractors have of me. I cannot concern myself with what image people want to make me into. Since before I could even hold my own baby bottle, my self-image has been similar to the likes of: the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, James Bond. I am a card-carrying member of the likes of that group.

Jesus Christ loves me. I know that! However, one thing that I am not is a “bitch.” Ooops!! I forgot. I AM A BITCH. Sorry! In fact, I am A TOTAL BITCH! Hahaha. That does not sound right, does it? Anyway, I am not a HOE. Umm… I mean, I am not a HOE anymore.

Prioritizing my detractors, my special assistant (my Bond Girl) says:

Ferdie, honey, are you ready for your mission?

Ferdie, honey, are you ready for your mission?

Shroud of Turin

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I plan to study more about the Shroud of Turin. If this is truly the face of Jesus, we should embrace the magnitude and importance of the image. We need to look into the eyes of the Lord and pray for his hand to reach out with all of its power and virtue to touch this wavering world of today.

I read daily the headlines and watch the images on TV. I feel like the world is spinning away toward THE perfect storm. Who do you think can reach out His hand with mercy to save this mess?

The Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin

Here is my prayer for today: Dear Lord, please reach out and touch me with your virtue today. Show us in the world a sign that there is something better, that there is a higher power than this mess that we see today. Please remember the words, “I touched the hem of His garment and His BLOOD has made me whole.”

The face of Jesus.

The face of Jesus.

If you want to hear a beautiful song which explains what can happen when you touch the hem of the Lord’s garment, listen to Tata Vega and Andrae Crouch here. They sing beautifully about what the power of the blood of Jesus can do.

Ferdie Werdie is Editor

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — As the editor of the Delery Gazette I originate and write my stories at www.FerdieWerdie.com I am thinking every day about stories that my readers will find interesting. Click the button below in the right, bottom corner to enlarge my newsfeed to read:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is turning 30 years-old soon; and he is deciding on changes with Facebook that will also show growth similar to his maturity.

Also, now with spring having sprung, I plan to write some lovely stories about fun in the sun.

Yes! Fun in the sun.

Yes! Fun in the sun.

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Is New Orleans Number 1? I studied the tweet below, and clicked to the story because it caught my interest.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

BOSCOVILLE (Gazette) — By the way, this is Mardi Gras weekend in New Orleans. The best of the parades and the best of the Balls are this weekend… culminating in Fat Tuesday. I am worn down tonight; but I am going to kick things back off in the morning.

Yes, this picture is becoming one of my favorites. I need to find this poster and hang it on my wall. WHERE CAN I FIND THIS POSTER?? I want it.

New Orleans

New Orleans

I just read something that reminded me that the OSCARS are tonight. I might come back online later and list my choices before the broadcast.

Coach Monty Williams of the New Orleans Pelicans needs to be fired. This team has been in last place of their division for the last three years. Does owner Tom Benson have his head stuck up his buttockal area?

#France Sends Troops to Africa

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — In very interesting historic developments, I am surprised to hear that France is sending troops to Central African Republic where al-Qaida-linked Muslims are attacking Christian villages. These Muslim attacks are threatening genocide in a country which is in the heartland of the continent. This news of Christians being attacked like this, in my opinion, is biblically-prophetic because the scriptures prophesy such Christian persecution in the end times. I plan to follow this story in depth.

Plus, I want to see if media interest in these developments continues.

In other news, I am also surprized at the suspension by CBS of reporter Lara Logan. One of my all-time favorite investigative reporters, Logan was punished for being duped in a fake report about Benghazi. In an unrelated punishment, Alec Baldwin is being fired by MSNBC for his repeated attacks on paparazzi.