Freakie Deakie Jenner

Stacey Dash said it for me. I say, Bruce Jenner is not a hero in my book for turning into a woman. Stacey is temporarily suspended by FOX NEWS for other statements, but she is surely speaking for millions of Americans who are being marginalized because of all of the political correctness going on in this country these days.

Note: See bottom for the winner of our Gazette Biggest Loser Contest. Some people have asked me to kick off another Big Loser Contest.

It’s too late to salvage their season; but Saints’ running back Mark Ingram is ‪#‎OUT‬. The Saints’ season is already over anyway. I know Ingram’s injury very well b/c I tore my rotator cuff 8 years ago on the basketball court. I do not think that coach Sean Payton truly knows how to play his talent. I do not think that Ingram all along has been the right man to correct the ‪#‎Saints‬’ running woes. CB Brandon Browner is another one of Payton’s step children who is a ruination of the Saints. A ‪#‎good‬/winning coach would have already run ‪#‎Browner‬’s dumb tail ‪#‎clean‬ off the team. Not coach Payton!!

I picture here a sweetie pie who has a piece of my heart. I will say a little bit more about my love for her later.


Now, here are lovely pictures that my daughter took on Halloween of my grandchildren). My daughters were dressing my grandchildren in their costumes for the festivities. We all had a fun time. If you want to see even more pictures of us from Halloween, you can click here: More Pictures At My Daughter’s Site.

Prepping for Halloween night.  My granddaughter, Halfa'-Pint.

Prepping for Halloween night. My granddaughter, Halfa’-Pint.

They came back with bags of candy. I ate plenty candy too.

Riding to the trick-or-treat Halloween party.

Riding to the trick-or-treat Halloween party.

The next day we got 4 boats and took the kiddos boating on Lake Yogi.

Boating on the day after.

Boating on the day after.

On a different subject, do you really need your lady to be a genius? I know that Sarah Palin has done some boneheaded things, but she makes my heart pitter patter. For real! Me likes her!!

Sarah! Honey!! What are you doing to me, girl? Is it alright for me to dream about Sarah Palin like this?

To my brother, Carl: Below is the chart which we spoke about.

Yes, Carl won it.

Picture of my safety award.


Meanwhile, I have a question about a tweet by Cristela Alonzo. What exactly is Cristela talking about?:

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