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I will explain at some point this weekend why I did not make daiquiriis this weekend like I promised. It is a story that I need to tell. Also, I came on briefly to mention some of my thoughts about last weekend and Father’s Day. Meanwhile, I have to sign off for a while to TCB (Take Care of some Business). So, I will finish writing this introduction next time I sign on. Thank you!! UPDATE: By TCB I meant eat. Isn’t eating Taking Care of Business; and important “to boot”? On Father’s Day, someone cooked a big pot of seafood gumbo and potato salad; and I brought over ham and daiquiris. “Ooh La La”!! I wrote and recorded a song about this outstanding gumbo. I will add the audio clip here over the weekend.

I am still enjoying cherished memories from Father’s Day present and future. Like they say, some memories will last with you for a life time.

The picture below was taken five years ago while visiting my youngest daughter, Tiopol (center), and her family in Georgia. I even see Lil’ Potato (being held, back row) who was 1 year-old going on 34 years-old. My older grandchildren are grown now, in high school, working, driving, singing, doing well in sports, etc.

My second youngest grandchild, Dori, is on the far left. This is a rare photo of all 8 of my grandchildren together; plus my daughter, Tiopol (in the middle). It would be amazing to see them together now if I could get a current picture of them all. We were visiting Tiopol in Georgia for a Father’s Day vacation.

THEN, See Below: a taped, practice video (right below my first “live” video) which I am rehearsing before I attempt my next “live” video. Would you like to see how our editor looks and sounds? I plan to do a live video soon so that my readers can hear some of my latest thoughts. Today, I want to do my second Live Video on Facebook Live. However, firstly, I have to clear off my treadmill because I have been using it as a clothes hanger and closet. It is critical that I start walking on it, especially for at least 15-or-so minutes today. I could write a whole book on how much Easter food that I ate yesterday, including what they call better-than-sex cake. As soon as I finish walking on my treadmill, I will start writing a script for the video because I would enjoy to do another Live Video today or tomorrow. Any questions for me for my video? If you do not want to ask publicly on this post, you can write questions to me privately which I can then answer live.

St. Peter said that God is no respecter of persons.

Here is my first live video. I did not have a script prepared for my first video.

Here Below is a practice video of a script that I wrote preparing to
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A Favorite Vacation Locale

Yes! Fun in the sun.

Yes! Fun in the sun.

Lockheed used to fly me into FLA to Cape Kennedy to work on the Shuttle.

@Tim Daniels >>I realized today that this is my 1st time in Florida since I retired. One of my favorite things about working at Lockheed was going to Cape Kennedy. I must have been vacationing in other spots and forgot about how much I like Florida.

P.S. @Tim Daniels >>I took more pics that I want you to see. I will post more today or Saturday… There is plenty “wild game” lying out here on the beach with their “toes” all out. Some of ’em have more than just their “toes” out. haha …I won’t show you those kinds of “feet” pictures. By the way, the wildest animal out here right now is ME!!!

Now that I am a truly wholesome guy I only look at the ladies’ feet. I do not allow my eyes to travel any higher than that because …well, let’s just say that I do not want people to think that I am an animal. If my eyes do wander any higher than that in the next few days, I will try to keep my mind as pure as “the driven snow.”

Another pic from my #Florida #vacation:

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Plus, by the way, Hurricane Andrea crossed Florida as I vacationed to the west. I was beaching more westerly, and did not feel any effects of the Hurricane. It was beautiful where I am.