The Cross of Jesus

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Sometimes I get tired of atheists tearing down the name of the Lord. Yes, I know that our salvation is based on blind faith. Now, If a piece of Jesus’ cross was truly found recently, as archaeologists are saying, that increases my faith. Would Jesus voluntarily and willingly have gone to the cross if His message was a lie?
Archaeologists: “We found a piece of Jesus’ cross.”
Cross of Jesus

Cross of Jesus

Archaeologists working at an ancient church in Turkey think they’ve unearthed a piece of the world’s most famous cross, the one used to crucify Jesus.
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  • Ferdie Werdie P.S. Sometimes your faith is hanging on barely by a thread. Where is God? He is so invisible! I do not hear Him talking to me. Then, at other times He is burning up right in my presence my face. You have to praise the Lord daily, by the minute b/c  He exists/lives in our praises. Every day, every hour I pick up my guitar or sit by my piano and sing out #praise to the Lord until He enters my presence and talks with me.

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