Honey and Butter for Tiffany Coyne

BOSCOVILLE (Gazette) — I was recently yearning for a biscuit slopped up nicely with some fine butter and honey. Then a thought came to my mind. I remember that Let’s Make A Deal cutie pie Tiffany Coyne replied back to one of my tweets which I tweeted to her. I have since wanted to extend my gratitude. Thank you, Tiffany. You were so gracious to reply back to my tweet. I will remember your magnanimousness.

Someone commented about what I said above concerning which celebrities have surprisingly responded back to my tweets, and I wanted to share his comment (see below). Thanks again, Tiffany. Meanwhile, the Mardi Gras season has started in New Orleans; and there is again that feeling in the air.


New Orleans and Carnival time.

Ferdie Delery said:: Among the celebrities who have graciously responded back to me: Tiffany Coyne, David Hasselhoff, Bree Olson, Ann Coulter, Playboy centerfold Leola Bell, Desi Doll (Paris Hilton/My BFF Show), CNN, WWLTV, on and on.

Not long ago I heard from my brother about this post.· He Liked it, and said:


Carl responded to my post.

Carl Delery said: Not only have the above mentioned responded back, I even respond sometimes. You should really feel honored, I don’t respond to many posts.

Yes, it was not long ago that he wrote that · Now, I will contact him about MARDI GRAS… hahaha

Lovely Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim looks stunning here. In the past, before her pregnancy and engagement to Kanye, I thought of Kim as a gold-digger. I was probably mistaken. However, I am the broken man that I am right now because historically gold-diggers have regularly tried to clean me out :). That’s why I have so many handkerchiefs and kleenex lying around my house to this day from all the tears. haha ..Anyway, in this pic, I’d quickly throw Kim across my waterbed and slop some butter & syrup on her like she is the breakfast of champions. hahaha

P.S. I have not actually had a waterbed since the 1970’s. My point is clearer, however, if I say I’ll throw her on a waterbed :). The butter & syrup image is also more lovely on a waterbed; but I do not know if waterbeds are even made anymore.