Honey and Butter for Tiffany Coyne

BOSCOVILLE (Gazette) — I was recently yearning for a biscuit slopped up nicely with some fine butter and honey. Then a thought came to my mind. I remember that Let’s Make A Deal cutie pie Tiffany Coyne replied back to one of my tweets which I tweeted to her. I have since wanted to extend my gratitude. Thank you, Tiffany. You were so gracious to reply back to my tweet. I will remember your magnanimousness.

Someone commented about what I said above concerning which celebrities have surprisingly responded back to my tweets, and I wanted to share his comment (see below). Thanks again, Tiffany. Meanwhile, the Mardi Gras season has started in New Orleans; and there is again that feeling in the air.


New Orleans and Carnival time.

Ferdie Delery said:: Among the celebrities who have graciously responded back to me: Tiffany Coyne, David Hasselhoff, Bree Olson, Ann Coulter, Playboy centerfold Leola Bell, Desi Doll (Paris Hilton/My BFF Show), CNN, WWLTV, on and on.

Not long ago I heard from my brother about this post.· He Liked it, and said:


Carl responded to my post.

Carl Delery said: Not only have the above mentioned responded back, I even respond sometimes. You should really feel honored, I don’t respond to many posts.

Yes, it was not long ago that he wrote that · Now, I will contact him about MARDI GRAS… hahaha

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