What We Ate

This is what we ate last night. That order is called a “boat” at Louisiana restaurants… a Louisiana boat of course. I will write more about it and put up more pictures, but I had better get off of this computer for a while to do some work around here. Yes, I have more pictures and comments about our lovely meal last night.

After our meal, I brought home two “go plates” (my share) from the boat. Guess what! When I got home, I finished off all of the leftover seafood, leaving only the french fries for today.


My take-home go plates.

I at first posted these pictures up locally, but wanted you to see them also. When I got home this morning, I climbed on my scale to find out that I put on 5 pounds since yesterday after eating that “boat.” I did not indulge by my lonesome of course. By the way, I remembered to take some pictures only after we (me and them) already ate about half of the boat. Do people from around the world also like Louisiana seafood?

What a Nice #Party

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I am remembering a recent party at which I had a grand ol’ time. In fact, everyone had a grand ol’ time. There is a short video of me that I may add to this post in the next day or so. It will make you laugh. I have to decide if the video makes me look like a defect, at which point I may decide not to post it.

Everyone is standing in line above in order to enter into the festivities. They do not realize yet what fun is in store for them. I plan to put up more pics soon. Plus, below, here is a thought for Tuesday afternoon after the New Orleans Saints big victory last night.


Speaking of New Orleans (haha), I read this afternoon that drinking beer may be good for your bones. Isn’t that great news for New Orleanians?