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I have some words below about NFL running back Adrian Peterson’s release from the Tennessee Titans. For now, I have to look up some stats concerning today’s top 25 College Football Playoff rankings. 1.Georgia. 2. Ohio State. 3. ‘Bama. 4.Cincinnati.


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Needing a haircut.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Titans announced Tuesday that they have waived veteran running back #AdrianPeterson. The Titans signed Peterson to the 53-man roster on Nov. 5. He carried the ball 27 times for 82 yards and one TD in 3 games. #WoeIsMe! Could it be his age?

The Tennessee Titans brought future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson aboard to try to fill the gap left by Derrick Henry.

The Titans waived running back Adrian Peterson and signed WR Golden Tate to the practice squad, the team announced.

NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported that it’s possible Peterson could return.

Peterson was signed by the Titans in the wake of Derrick Henry’s foot injury, which required surgery and put him on the shelf for most of the regular season.

In three games with Tennessee, Peterson compiled 82 yards off 27 carries and scored one touchdown. The 36-year-old stands fifth on the NFL’s all-time rushing list with 14,902 yards upon his release from the Titans.

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A. Peterson vs. #GayMarriage

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Mixing sports with politics (the gay-marriage issue & the coming-out issue) is once again in the news. Top NFL #runningback voices opposition. Vikings’ Adrian Peterson is probably the best r/b in the league. He has now come out on the side of not liking gay-marriage. I looked up the definition of marriage. There are 2 definitions now in a) union between a man & woman; b) gay marriage.

Adrian Peterson says he’s ‘not with’ gay marriage – NFL –

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – NFL MVP Adrian Peterson says he has family members who are gay whom he loves and respects. But on gay marriage, the Minnesota Vikings running back says “that’s not something I believe in.”Read More at Sport Illustrated:
My readers are probably looking for a clearer opinion from me. I must admit that I have to study the issue further. That is why I looked up the definition of marriage. I thought that looking up the definition would give me a clear-cut, black-and-white answer. However, now-a-days even vaunted institutions like our dictionary have changed to reflect modern mores/customs. Which, I must say, is actually the definition of a dictionary. Our dictionaries change, mend and bend with time.
The encyclopedia, however,  tells a different story. I subsequently looked up the word “marriage” in the encyclopedia. This definition is it my friends. This encyclopedia definition is how I roll! haha: MARRIAGE; socially sanctioned union that reproduces the family. END OF SUBJECT. CASE CLOSED! Adrian Peterson seems to be CORRECT.