A. Peterson vs. #GayMarriage

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Mixing sports with politics (the gay-marriage issue & the coming-out issue) is once again in the news. Top NFL #runningback voices opposition. Vikings’ Adrian Peterson is probably the best r/b in the league. He has now come out on the side of not liking gay-marriage. I looked up the definition of marriage. There are 2 definitions now in dictionary.com: a) union between a man & woman; b) gay marriage.

Adrian Peterson says he’s ‘not with’ gay marriage – NFL – SI.com


MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – NFL MVP Adrian Peterson says he has family members who are gay whom he loves and respects. But on gay marriage, the Minnesota Vikings running back says “that’s not something I believe in.”Read More at Sport Illustrated: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2013/football/nfl/wires/05/27/2020.ap.fbn.vikings.peterson.gay.marriage.0158/index.html#ixzz2UVsBLJfK
My readers are probably looking for a clearer opinion from me. I must admit that I have to study the issue further. That is why I looked up the definition of marriage. I thought that looking up the definition would give me a clear-cut, black-and-white answer. However, now-a-days even vaunted institutions like our dictionary have changed to reflect modern mores/customs. Which, I must say, is actually the definition of a dictionary. Our dictionaries change, mend and bend with time.
The encyclopedia, however,  tells a different story. I subsequently looked up the word “marriage” in the encyclopedia. This definition is it my friends. This encyclopedia definition is how I roll! haha: MARRIAGE; socially sanctioned union that reproduces the family. END OF SUBJECT. CASE CLOSED! Adrian Peterson seems to be CORRECT.

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