I Sang at the Beach Club

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Over the weekend, I sang a little bit background while my brother-in-law’s band played at the Bottom Line Beach Club outside of New Orleans. The clip below is blurry, but you can hear my voice in the background singing #CAROLYN near the end of the video in dedication to my aunt and uncle.

With all of the tragic news that we heard from around the world this weekend, I was happy to see the picture of this lovely runway model below. So, there is something fine going on today.

I like this picture.

You might just laugh at Nicolle Kidman’s below video. While guesting on the Jimmy Fallon Show, Nicole Kidman said that her worst date ever was a date with Jimmy Fallon years ago. Kidman’s story totally embarrassed Fallon.

Also, it took a minute for me to see what was funny about the tweetpic below. However, once I realized that is a real boy who climbed into the freezer I had a good laugh.

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