Bill Cosby Deserves Prison Time

Because of the statute of limitations, Bill Cosby is avoiding criminal charges for the many rapes that he is accused of. Something legally needs to change after this many accusations are lobbed at a rapist. Former Saints Player Darren Sharper is serving prison time for the exact same crimes. However, Sharper committed many, many fewer rapes than Bill Cosby is accused of.

Cosby’s horrific acts were truly criminal activity as bad as any rapist’s sociopathological hunger for crimes where they plot, plan and stalk young women for their hunt. Cosby is an absolute predator who is a serial rapist. Victims need a justice system which will aid them not hurt them in their pursuit of satisfaction of their grievances. Rape victims need a system in which they also do not fear that their accusations will be swept under the rug where the passage of time will hide the rapes which they suffer. Thus, causing their rapes to fall under the statute of limitations.

Miranda Rights and Boston Bomber

Yes, Boston marathon bomber Dzhohkar Tsarnaiv does have an American right to his Miranda rights and a good defense. I know; but deep inside I feel that these high-priced, celebrity lawyers who win their high-profile clients/criminals light sentences (or freedom) need to be strung up too. I think that the victims of many horrible crimes are violated again when justice seems to give the murderers and criminals more rights than the people whom they kill and maim.

I’m just saying. Unduly light sentences and getting off Scott Free are results that allow many criminals to have little fear of the scales of justice.