S. Carolina’s Confederate Flag

How long will S. Carolina take to remove that dang, infernal treasonous flag? Alabama removed theirs instantly. By the way, because of an incident involving Carolina’s flag years ago I have never ever again gone to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival…​ ever again. Directly after I bought my #JazzFest ticket and entered the gate, guess what I saw concerning South Carolina. Note: NOT old Glory… (read more)

Because of #SouthCarolina’s rebel flag I stopped #coldturkey going to the New Orleans Jazz Fest years ago. A large group of revelers from South Carolina were waving a very large confederate flag inside the gate at the #JazzFest. I turned right around and asked for a refund of my ticket. I asked to see the manager. The #2 man at the Jazz Fest himself refused to return my money. I have never, ever spent another penny on a New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. PERIOD!!


Did a lady really climb up the flagpole to remove the Carolina flag? Is the below tweet real? UPDATE: Yes this is real. A black female climbed the pole in S. Carolina on Saturday morning, June27, and removed the flag. Once she climbed back to the ground, she was arrested and the flag was run back up. Oh, Carolina, you are wrong for this!!

I posted the below picture from a discussion that my cousin replied to relating how Columbus and the Pilgrims were actually illegal aliens who stole the land then enslaved another race. This site might not handle his post (which I inserted below the picture) because of privacy settings. However, this picture exemplifies what South Carolina’s Flag represents.

The Rebel flag represents this.

The Rebel flag represents this.

How hypocritical THEY are!! These right-wingers today are blind and cheeky. Plus, they want to wave a treasonous, Confederate flag in everyone’s face.

..NOW paleface in 2015 wants to turn away so-called “illegal aliens.”

Where is the Wrath of God?

Where is the wrath of God? Where is the swift justice? There is no such thing any longer in America. After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, how many and how swiftly were the perpetrators hanged? Very, very swiftly and all of them were executed. This boy, Dylann Roof, assassinated a State Senator and 9 other black people and is still breathing good air. Will the South Carolina justice system provide swift retribution for the Church victims and for the country? I do not think so at all. This boy will most likely still be breathing and spouting hatred and execrations 50 years from now.

Ferdie To Rosemary Church

NEW ORLEANS (Ferdie Werdie) — Newsperson to newsperson, I try to catch CNN International news nightly before I turn off my TV each day. At first, I thought that anchorwoman Rosemary Church was reporting from across the pond in England or somewhere like that. However, the CNN International broadcast is based in Atlanta, Georgia. I did not know that. It is a nice wrap up to my daily chores to hear all of the headlines from Rosemary before I fall asleep each twilight.

Rosemary Church

Rosemary Church

No Smoking in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — A NO SMOKING ban takes effect in 90 days in casinos and bars in New Orleans. Mayor Mitch Landrieu signed the ordinance today. Some smokers are not happy with the new rules.

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — PLUS, I promised my readers to install segments of my 2015 New Orleans Mardi Gras experience. I wish that I had an old-school manual typewriter because that is what we used when I started writing as a “cub reporter” for newspapers in the Big Easy. Meanwhile, I have a question for alimentary canal experts. I want to know if the potency of jalapeno peppers is still “hot, hot, hot” once it passes through the intestines?

TMI??: At the movies yesterday, I used some of those theater jalapeno peppers on a personal pan pizza. My tongue and lips burned a “good” 15 minutes. Last night at home, my stomach started burning up. In the latrine, I had a blow-out from my posterior. My rear-end burned for 7 minutes. Do peppers maintain their potent heat even after going through the digestive tract? Is that even scientifically possible?

Where does the job of the digestive tract end (finito) after doing its job? In other words, what is the final destination of the digestive tract elements after the job is done?

Digestive track EXIT.

Digestive track EXIT.

Also, I am sure that today we are all following the news about Bobbi Kristina Brown. This is so eerie!! She was found unconscious over the weekend in a bathtub very similarly to how her mother, Whitney Houston, was in 2012. As of this writing, she is still in an induced coma. Her family has been advised to expect the worst.

I have seen quite a few movies about the NAZI death camps, and read much about them. I will never get used to the horror. The world is honoring 70 years since the Russian army entered the Nazi Auschwitz death camp to end the German reign of death there. I keep all of those who suffered and died there in my prayers.

Rosemary Church CNN

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — CNN anchorperson Rosemary Church “liked” my tweet below. I sent the tweet to her in response to her tweet reminding her fans that her show, CNN International, was upcoming. I am watching her show right now as I write. I was drawn to her show in the beginning because I was studying if it was broadcast from across the ocean. Her accent is so lovely that I googled to learn the history of her accent. I was surprised to discover that the show is actually broadcast from Atlanta.

In the photo below, I am seen performing Auld Lang Syne at the turn of midnight on New Year’s Eve. There are party-goers singing along with me as we bring in the new year.

Ferdie performing for fans.

Ferdie performing for fans.

Obama is a Monkey says Korea

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — No you didn’t? Yes they did. The N. Koreans say that President Obama is a monkey. Amidst mounting threats of sanctions from the U.N. for human rights violations, the N. Koreans have verbally attacked Obama and S.Korean President Park Geun-Hye whom they called a whore.

I was too surprised to see on CNN News on Tuesday night quotes from N. Korea calling President Barack Obama a monkey, and S. Korea’s President Park Geun-hye a whore and a prostitute.

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

I do not think that Presidents Obama and Park will stoop to being swayed by N. Korea’s vitriolic use of such childish language. However, in a related story, the United Nations plans to file human rights charges against N. Korea and wants to see Kim Jong Un in handcuffs being led away to prison. My only question is: how will they get past Kim Jong Un’s nuclear arsenal in order to slap a pair of handcuffs on the lunatic’s wrists?

Update: Below is a translation of part of the article. It is a picture of the Korean news piece which does not display the whole story. The translator left some particularly difficult phrases in the original Korean. My hope is that I will soon find an upgraded translation of the whole article.
2014-05-09 at 10.50.06 PM, the translator said:
In the KCNA editorial quoting the North Koreans, we see the same language used as the North Koreans heat up their sexist attacks on Presidents Obama and Park. – See more at: http://freekorea.us/2014/05/07/really-north-korea-called-president-obama-a-wicked-black-monkey/#sthash.aXa5gTcN.dpuf

This is only part of the photograph.

This is only part of the photograph.

Press Conference by Ferdie Werdie

Here is a press conference from this morning in which I disseminated some vital information which I know about the NFL.

Further info may come later. UPDATE: It may be a “minute” before I can write any more information related to the press conference. Presently, I am busy trying to eat and relax. Anyone who knows me well, knows that once I finish a meal I usually lie down and sleep for a while. Who knows when I will wake up? Plus, this evening I want to watch the National League Wild Card (1-game World Series playoff) between San Francisco and Pittsburgh. So, I know that y’all can see that once I start my siesta, I might be out of commission for a “minute.”

O.J. On Hunger Strike

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I plan to write more once the latest news rolls in: O.J. is on a hunger strike in prison, according to http://www.MailOnline.com and wants to die.

In the below video a news source, Christian “journalist” Lyn Leahz, says that she contacted the Nevada State Correctional Department who said that O.J. is not on a hunger strike. I take this video at face value, but I believe that Nevada is struggling with a despondent Simpson. Lenz said that she spoke with a gentleman in charge of media relations.

MORE NEWS will be forthcoming once we find out whom to believe. Some of the sources corroborating information on the hunger strike: YAHOO NEWS, DAILY MAIL UK, International Business Times, National Enquirer, Turner Radio Network, SOFTPEDIA, and more. In fact, the list of corroborating sources is even longer. Some articles report that Nevada will ‘force feed’ him.

Sources say that O.J. is on a hunger strike in prison.

Sources say that O.J. is on a hunger strike in prison.

Robin Williams by Ferdie Werdie

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I send out my thoughts for the late Robin Williams. I am listening to many words of love from celebrities and loved ones on the TV and on the Internet.

Billy Crystal’s tweet below said it all. Billy, Robin and Whoopi were a great comedic trio. They were all good friends.

In other news, all of a sudden I want to go into the jungle. SOON!!! If this is what you find lying around in the jungle, count me in.



Squoze Into the Bed

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! As the editor of the Delery Gazette I originate and work on my stories at FerdieWerdie.com I am thinking every day about stories that my readers will find interesting. Click the FerdieWerdie.com link to see what article/articles that I am working on at my desk presently.

Oh! That IS Lolo Jones here, but it is not what you think. I opened up my TweetDeck on Twitter recently and almost died. I thought that Lolo finally woke up to the light and started following me. Nooo!!! This is only a Lolo fan page. I am a little bit disappointed. I thought that she was getting ready to run into my arms.

Lolo is Following Ferdie


Click the button below in the right-bottom corner to enlarge a sample of my newsfeed:

I am presently doing an in-depth study of what is going on deep within my mind. I will reveal the results of this study later on in this article. However, I know that some good, deep stuff is percolating in that gray matter. Meanwhile, I squoze with my squoogy for a bit in the clouds!! haha.

What in the heck is on Ferdie's mind today?

What in the heck is on Ferdie’s mind today?

Alright! Alright! Alright! I am trying to post what I am thinking. However, I am having a problemo posting the photo. Meanwhile, the mentioned link is beneath this photo of me on the beach until I figure out what is wrong with the incertion.

Ferdie Werdie

Ferdie Werdie is thinking, “BEACH”!

WHAT IS ON FERDIE’S MIND, but Technical Difficuties prevent posting?

Meanwhile, many fans watched with interest as quarterback sensation Johnny Manziel sat through 21 selections of the NFL draft before he was picked by the Cleveland Browns. Is this a good pick? Is he happy?


You also have to read further on in order to find out what parish I am going fishing in. I am working out the details, but no hardcore decisions have been made yet.

Map Courtesy of Digital-Topo-Maps.com


What in the heck is on my mind this afternoon? Well, take a look at the picture below. Once I wrap up with a few things at the house, I plan to go to Harrah’s Casino in order to check out my luck. I will let y’all know how I make out. Firsly, I might strew myself across the bed for wink or two if I can possibly squeeze in some kind of way.

UPDATE: No, I did not win at the casino. Now, I also have to check to see what will be Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie. I enjoy her work very mych.

Best Actress Oscar Winner Jennifer Lawrence Best Actress Oscar Winner Jennifer Lawrence

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