The Delery Gazette

Good morning.

Like I said… Yes, I have to agree that maybe the ladies will stand tall and save us. We need some real American heroes to stop the liars, crooks and court-stuffing Republican haters.

Come on! Maybe it will take the ladies to win our country back from Trump.

Geaux Drew! Need I say moore? Ooops, one more thing. DREW BE BACK 🙂🙂🙂.

Zion Williamson started for the NEW ORLEANS PELICANS IN 2020… which I wrote on his first night back from 44 games out with injury. I wrote that on the night that Zion came back. I will look up the date.

I appeared as an extra in the movie DEJA VU with Denzel Washington. This is a clip of one of the scenes below if I embedded it correctly. I hope that the video works. If you have trouble seeing the clip that means that it installed here incorrectly. I will come back later on to post it correctly.

Me in DEJA VU.

Also, I posted below a video from my homecoming high school football game in 2019. The alumni band played at the game also. I am here filming the regular band marching back into the stands after halftime.

I “went live” on Twitter to say something. Usually, when I go “live” on Twitter I feel like I am walking on a tightrope because I do not prepare anything to say. I wing it! I prefer to record my videos in case something goes wrong I can delete and just record a new video. When I do live videos I freeze up a little bit and get nervous because I might crash and burn in front of whoever might have tuned in. Anyway, I did this “live” video and was on the precipice of falling off of the proverbial cliff. I survived.

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