The Delery Gazette

NOTE: Mardi Gras 2020 has passed.. I will write some good stuff about what transpired over the final 5 days of the season. Firstly, I will eat; then, I will write… MAYBE THIS EVENING.

Meanwhile, I describe in this video what I will write about:

Happy Mardi

What you have below are my stories and articles. I also show a list of my articles and drafts so that you may read any of my previous stories that you like. Have fun reading what I write. Look at the list of my articles; and a list of my writings and drafts from my editor’s desk, FERDIE’S DESK.

I “went live” on Twitter to say something. Usually, when I go “live” on Twitter I feel like I am walking on a tightrope because I do not prepare anything to say. I wing it! I prefer to record my videos in case something goes wrong I can delete and just record a new video. When I do live videos I freeze up a little bit and get nervous because I might crash and burn in front of whoever might have tuned in. Anyway, I did this “live” video and was on the precipice of falling off of the proverbial cliff. I survived.

What are people saying about the lousy Republicans’ allowing no witnesses? Just wondering! Mitch McConnell is a court-stocking, obstructionist who failed to allow Barack Obama to legally pick his Supreme Court nominee. McConnell would not even allow discussion on Obama’s nominee. McConnell is a Confederate along with his puppet, Donald Trump.

  • Is the girl below skinny?
  • Is the girl below fine?
  • Is the girl below plump?

I read some words in a story about the girl below and how fine she is. Do you think she is fine? I hope that she does not read what I say, but I think she is what you call plump. That is just my opinion. Anyway, back to people’s thoughts about the dirty, lying Republicans. I am reading that many people think that the women of America will have to save us from the evil Republicans.

Do you see what the Republicans are doing to justice?

Do you see what the Republicans are doing?

Yes, I have to agree that maybe the ladies will stand tall and save us.

The ladies of America are proving to be a powerful block of voters.

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