Shallow Tweets & Oblivion

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I check my tweets daily, but I wonder if other tweeters find that most of the tweets that they carouse through are mostly banal #claptrap. I usually check my tweets after I endlessly search my Facebook newsfeed for something to sink my teeth into. Once the wonderful Facebook or Twitter do not satisfy my thirst for exciting “knowledge,” I then turn the TV on and flip over-and-over through the hundreds of banal cable channels that I have. After my joy finally screeches to a horrible, ugly halt I then go to the kitchen and eat myself into oblivion.

Here is the tweet that presently sent me into such a downward spiral.

You just know that I had to tweet a reply to @MsSassySue. She never did reply back::

Speaking of the A-Word, I read an article by The Daily Beast this morning that is so very interesting to me about the inner thoughts of a young model. These young models start out their careers at such young ages, and reach heights of celebrity so quickly that many of them have hidden insecurities.

Here are some fresh words of wisdom which Arianna Huffington tweeted. She is quoting German author Eckhart Tolle whose teachings I am about to begin studying. Thank you, Ms. Huffington, for introducing me to Eckhart Tolle.

Is this girl not beautiful? What will her next role be? Charlize expresses here a thought that is very similar to what Arianna Huffington tweeted. In with the new; out with the old! The present, the freshness of the now, that is what keeps life exciting and vibrant.

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