Time To Hit The #PanicButton

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Is that a #PanicButton or is it THE BIG ONE? Too funny. What is that red button? I bought a toy red panic button years ago which gave off the sound of a real emergency alarm when you pressed it. I pressed it every time my girl friend acted “stupid” :). One day I came home and it was GONE! I knew that she threw it away. It had TOTALLY DISAPPEARED. I loved my panic button so much. Now, she has totally disappeared too 🙂 :). Why? Why, oh why did she leave me? BooHoo!

Red Button

I have tried several times since I lost my panic button to buy another toy panic button like the one I had. Cannot find one! Maybe I can Google search on the Internet to see if anyone still makes a nice toy panic button like that one with such a great emergency alarm like that. I loved it!! I could aggravate the hell out of people with it. Plus, whenever I was totally stressed out, I would press my panic button and it would help out every time because it made me laugh since the alarm sounded so real.

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