Love, A Many-Splendored Thing

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Recently, I experienced a fine example of male-female communications. UPDATE: There are two sides to every story. The following is only my side of the story. Someone reminded me of such. Thus, I make this note and correction here. Also, I must note here that there was a third party and witness to the following. Now to continue, on September 1, I listened to a young lady happily talk about her lovely day. I was receptive with fairly, undivided attention. Finally, God forbid, I had a single, 5-word sentence to say; and was not allowed a few seconds to say it. Then, after I kept repeating the sentence over-and-over ad nauseam to get it heard in the conversation, the young lady narrowly focused in; but misinterpreted the 5 words I was trying to say. A heated exchange ensued in which I almost accidentally drove off the side of the cliff on the highway. I am sorry, but sometimes allow me only a few seconds to say 5 words w/o talking over me. Then, I will shut up again for the next 7 hours. I had promised myself to be a good boy on Sunday, but I had only 5 words that I needed to get in edgewise; and was never given the few uninterrupted seconds I needed. This is a pet peeve of mine: at least give me ONE turn in a conversation.

P.S. There are actually no cliffs in southeastern Louisiana :). Sorry! I meant that I drove up the wrong ramp on the highway, and almost got killed. I used cliff to be brief and to emphasize the danger.

Love is a many-splendored thing.

Love is a many-splendored thing.

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