Clarence Thomas

Clarence is not leaving for himself a great legacy in history. How can you say he is a credit to his race when he is tearing down everything that people fought and died for in the 1960’s? He is gutting voting rights, destroying affirmative action, turning abortion rights back to the Dark Ages. Plus, he receives questionable “political” gifts, hides under-the-table unethical dealings, has lied, etc. Clarence Thomas has turned the Supreme Court into one with ethical problems. My question is: do some of his actions taint his court rulings?

Uncle Clarence

Speaking of the “MAGA crowd,” Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife works with the deplorables even though Clarence rules in the Supreme Court on many of the MAGA actions. Democrats call for new supreme court ethics rules amid Clarence Thomas’ recurring scandals… which ethics rules will be too little and way too late. It is so unfair for Judge Thomas to pass SCOTUS judgements on the very rights and most personal freedoms of Americans’ lives. In his unethical hands are life and death judgements which will last for many decades and beyond. How unfair to Americans!
Democrats accuse the top U.S. court of the ‘lowest ethical standards’ in history, but Republicans say criticism of Justices Neil Gorsuch and Thomas is unfounded. The Republicans are evil and rotten.

Democrats clamor for ethics rules.