George Armstrong Custer

This is a brief allusion to George Armstrong Custer. I will add more information later on from my “Last Stand” study. Sitting Bull and Custer fought at the Battle of the Little BigHorn where Custer died on June 25, 1876.

Custer's Last Stand.

Sitting Bull poses below with Buffalo Bill, 1885

Buffalo Bill, known for his Wild West Show that featured Native American men and women, struck a partnership with Sitting Bull in 1885 when Sitting Bull performed on his show for several months. Sitting Bull in 1876 had lead his people against the U.S. government at the Battle of Little Bighorn (among other battles). The United States maintained its desire for revenge against Sitting Bull until it was successful in his death in 1890 two weeks before the Wounded Knee massacre of his tribe.

Sitting Bull and Wild Bill

After he left Bill’s show, the two remained friends that lasted until the end of their respective lives. Sitting Bull ended up going back to his tribe after the show in support of his tribe’s Ghost Dance movement which the United States looked upon as insubordination. The U.S. ended the tribe’s Ghost Dance ceremony with a massacre of the Indians.

‘Pretty Nose’ sits here for her portrait in 1879

A photographer captured this image of Pretty Nose at Fort Keogh, Montana, in 1879. She was a member of the Arapaho tribe and was a war chief who took part in the Battle of Little Bighorn. 

Pretty Nose

There are those who stated that she was a member of the Cheyenne tribe, but what she wore identified her as Arapaho, thanks to the black, red, and white cuffs adorning her. She lived well into old age, so much so that she was able to see her grandson, Mark Soldier Wolf, become an elder of the Arapaho tribe. 

Then, more about Custer!

Where was Custer's Last Stand?

The Battle of the Little Bighorn was fought along the ridges, steep bluffs, and ravines of the Little Bighorn River, in south-central Montana on June 25-26, 1876. The Native combatants were warriors of the Lakota Sioux, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes, battling men of the 7th Regiment of the US Cavalry, along with their Crow, and Arikara scouts.

Some girls survived the U.S. army massacres of that period.

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