Two Heads And Charlize

I recently said that I was going to explain “Two Heads Are Better Than One” which I said about the video below. If I had Charlize Theron living with me, I would get further along with my life and with things that need to be done. Charlize came to mind when I was trying to figure out how to explain my statement.

Two heads are better than one.

Okay, I hope that you are beginning to catch my drift a little. Here is another example of a person who could improve my one-headed existance with the help of an additional head to prove that two heads are better than one.

Yes, that is another example

Before I get back to my original point, I wanted to say that I would be doing much better if I had another head thinking with me. To expound, I post here a video that taught me a lesson on better handling situations when I am caught alone with only one head to think with.

Now, back to my original point. The link below shows Charlize as she grew through the various stages of her life until she reached adulthood. Then, is a nice current picture of Charlize. I think that you see why I need her to help me to think better. It will be double the thinking power.


When I get more time I will explain more. Meanwhile, here is a video at which I guarantee that you will laugh.

This girl below has prettier legs than the real Marilyn Monroe.

Happy Valentine’s Day

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I am rushing off right now to do some VALENTINES. It will do me some good to get out in the open air and spread some love :). I love y’all. Here are my sentiments which I sent out earlier with deep feelings from my heart. Yes!! I remembered Valentine’s Day. I am what is known as A GOOD MAN!!

Here is a nice Valentine that I saw on twitter from actress Sanaa Lathan. It is a sweet Valentine. Too bad that she goes with Denzel Washington, or I would make her my Valentine. hahaha

Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan

Instead of flowers I bought my ladies candy. Is that just as good? You know that it is important to do the right thing on Valentine’s Day. The ladies of the world just want to know that their man is thinking about them on February 14. That is what men have to remember in order to be A GOOD MAN!!

NASA wants to know if God put this heart in the sky for Valentine’s Day. Maybe God is saying Happy Valentine’s Day to the world. Study the picture b/c it took me a minute to find the heart.