Sugar Ray

I was happy to see singer Fats Domino get a street named after him in his home town New Orleans. He deserved it. He is one of the originators of Rock and Roll.

Speaking of nice, I think that...

Her outfit is nice because the mask and her gym pants are both purple. Outfits where the colors match are nice.

Nice outfit.

Raquel Welch was one of the top movie stars in the 1960’s and 70’s. I do not know if she won any academy awards. However, I think that it was the type of roles that she was given. Usually, like Marilyn Monroe, the studios typically gave her roles that mostly emphasized her nice appearance instead of giving her meaty, dramatic roles.

UPDATE: In 1974, Welch won a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture Actress in a Musical or Comedy for The Three Musketeers.

Raquel Welch

A story by Sugar Ray (below) reminded me of one of my encounters that I remember. 

GAZETTE (July 7) — I had a similar story in my repertoire to Sugar Ray’s which he tells here. My story also took place in a locker room where I checkmated a bully. Here is Sugar Ray’s story first. Sugar Ray says:

“One day, a bully, probably about six feet two, threw me against a locker at Parkdale High. I was almost knocked out cold.” (However, at 13 years old, Leonard had started training as a boxer. By 15 he was competing as an amateur boxer in the AAU’s national division.)

He said, “The old me would have searched for any peaceful way to end the mismatch. The new me fired a succession of left hooks, missing wildly. The bully began to laugh, yet each hook began coming closer and closer, until one put his butt on the ground.

“I looked down at my fists, seeing them in a whole different light. I realised they could operate outside the ring as well as they did inside. As for the bully, he never bothered me again.”

  • by Sugar Ray Leonard
Sugar Ray.

by Ferdie (New Orleans) — I also had a similar bully incident in a locker room that I settled by knocking the scumbag to the floor with a powerful combination that my cousin had taught me. Just like Sugar Ray said, “As for the bully, he never bothered me again.” NOTE: I spend most of my time to myself, enjoying TV, cooking, eating, being with loved ones. I hate bullies, crime, violence and all of the killing in the streets.

I never did become the boxer or “ninja” that my cousin is; but with what skills he taught me I successfully neutralized several hateful lowlifes whom I came across through time. Today, there is such a spirit of hate in the world that it is overwhelming.

This picture below shows how Americans spray tanned themselves in the 1940s. I think that is similar to how people do today, but now they climb inside a machine which tans them.

Spray tanning in 1940’s.

By the way, I bet that most people around the world get their tans by lying on a beach or in their back yard.