Saints 2023 Record

See the link below where AI predicts that the SAINTS will have an 11-6 record. I predict a 6-11 record because the nincompoop offensive coordinator keeps sticking 4th string QB Tayson Hill in at QB every 3 or 4 plays, disrupting the starting QB’s mojo. Too stupid! Otherwise, the Saints would have made the playoffs last year.

AI predicts the 2023 records of all teams at this link:

I do not think so.

With AI help, these predictions have the SAINTS in rarefied air at 11-6 this season. I personally still doubt the Saints’ offensive-coaching brain power. The team’s talent could win the Super Bowl, but the Saints’ offensive scheme is feeble-minded. I see a 6-11 record. Geaux #7 Taysom Hill at QB, TE, RB, punt-k/o returner, wide receiver, offensive in-and-outer who could help power-run the Saints to the Super Bowl if he were played correctly. NOT IN-AND-OUT AT QUARTERBACK! To keep putting Taysom (4th string QB) in-and-out when Andy Dalton and Jameis Winston were the field generals is as bone-headed as I have seen in professional football.

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