Mardi Gras 2023

Here I write about a Mardi Gras memory; a blast from the past!

Firstly, a note: by Ferdie (Jan. 28, 2023) — I received some good news about my A1C and blood sugar levels on Thursday. My doctor said, “Excellent”!

After that good news, this is what I said about my “staying afloat” health wise and how I wanted to celebrate:

Now, back to my article:

BOSCOVILLE (Gazette) — By the way, this is from Mardi Gras weekend 2014 in New Orleans: The best of the parades and the best of the Balls are this weekend… culminating on Fat Tuesday. I am worn down tonight; but I am going to kick things back off in the morning.

Yes, this picture is becoming one of my favorites. I need to find this poster and hang it on my wall. WHERE CAN I FIND THIS POSTER?? I want it.

New Orleans

New Orleans

GAZETTE (February, 2014) I just read something that reminded me that the OSCARS are tonight. I might come back online later and list my choices before the broadcast.

GAZETTE (Jan. 20, 2023) — True story! During a 2023 New Year’s celebration (at about 1220am), I sang a song for the crowd which I dedicated to a sweet someone which rendition made her swoon. I occasionally serenade her anyway; and many of the romance songs which I sang at the Coffee House were written by me for her. Very true!

GAZETTE (Jan. 28, 2023) — This following definition enhancement is illuminating for me because it tells me a success strategy. It might help me with reaching my goals: Ideation is not just a one-time idea generation or a brainstorming session. In fact, we can divide ideation into these three stages: generation, selection, and development.

A NOTE in 2014. (I have since changed my mind 180°): Coach Monty Williams of the New Orleans Pelicans needs to be fired. This team has been in last place of their division for the last three years. Does owner Tom Benson have his head stuck up his buttockal area?


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