Can you see this?

I will read this affirmation again later on today. is I/me relaxing at the casino. My eyes were swollen because I was getting sleepy.TRY THIS MEAL BELOW SOON! YOU WILL LIKE IT. I ATE ONE.Poor baby wants to eat. you may have to click to see the above video, I will find a picture for you to see meanwhile.These are my brothers and sisters less one (a boy) who lives in New Jersey. We were at a relative’s birthday.

Kate Beckinsale was on the Jimmy Fallon show recently when I caught the below part of the interview.

Here are several of the excellent supervisors, managers and inspectors whom I worked with at Lockheed. They are among the best whom I knew, and who have passed away. Danny Owens, my manager who was so gracious to me; and took me often with him and a crew for weeks and months to Cape Kennedy. He passed at 52 in 2005. Next is Larry Oliverius (top, right) my supervisor. He gave me my job assignment in the mornings, and I would not see him again until the end of the shift or the next morning. He passed in 1997 at 53. Then, Wade Record was an inspector who passed in 2015 at 78. He was the most pleasant person you could ever meet. We spent many hours at the desk doing paperwork and talking. Finally, there is Don Offner (bottom, right) my supervisor who liked to pull up a chair next to me and talk with me for hours while I worked. He passed in 2012 at 59. Yesterday, I ran through almost 400 pictures at the Lockheed Michoud F/b page of former employees who have passed. These 4 are among my favorites, but there are many more who were super nice… too many to list.

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