It was time for the NFL to get rid of PAPA JOHNS and its politics. I wonder if Mr. John thought that all of his customers hold the same 1800’s, antiquated political values that he holds. He needed to shut up, and simply make pizzas.

Check out @NFLWrld’s Tweet:

NFL players are excited for Pizza Hut to replace Papa Johns as the league’s official pizza (link:

Yes… The NFL has a new official pizza. Pizza Hut will take over the reins from Papa Johns as the league’s official pizza. The change comes months after Papa Johns owner John Schnatter said player protests were hurting his company’s sales and condemned the league for not “resolving the issue.”

Obviously, NFL players were thrilled with the change and took to social media to voice their approval of the league’s new pizza supplier (while also throwing a little shade at Papa Johns)…

In other news… Awww, man, I liked the prelude that The Neutral Ground coffee house wrote before my most recent performance. How flattering!

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