I Am Pissed Off

I am pissed off, and presently getting drunk. What is the problem? I will explain it once I wake up in the morning. It is a long story, and I am about to fall out on the floor… DRUNK. Martinis make me dizzy; and, then, fall out. Someone has totally “set” me off.


What is pissing me off?

Holy Hell!! I Do NOT want to suffer impotence. What would I then live for? Romance is THE potion that makes my world go round. Without that: WOE IS ME!!

UPDATE: It is now Wednesday morning. WHO in the heck wakes up drunk? WHY!! WHY!!! No more martinis for me. EVER! I give ’em up for LENT. God, if you let me climb off this sofa without a hangover, I promise not to drink martinis ever again. Whoops… I had better not promise that. Instead, I promise to go to church every Sunday this month.

At a later point in time, I wrote: Presently, I am feeling much better than last night. My mood is lighter, and I am enjoying some TV. In fact, I am hungry, and might raid the fridge.

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