My Review of GONE GIRL

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I have begun writing my review of the movie GONE GIRL. If anyone does not understand the ending, just ask me and I will tell you what happened. Actually, I see “sequel” written all over this movie.

I tend to prefer watching movies at home because you can regulate the noise, the crowd, the temperature, the food… and, so much more. On the other hand, I also enjoy going out for the big screen, the IMAX, the 3-D, all of that. However, yesterday, a lady walked into the theater with a big bag of fried chicken, potato salad, potato chips, canned drinks, aluminum foil, paper grocery bags, the whole works; and sat directly behind me. I flipped my lid because I could not hear the movie with all of the noise behind me. Eventually, I got up and moved to another seat. I lost my trend of thought in the movie for a moment; but once I got to a quiet location, I got my head back into the movie.

Gone Missing

Gone Missing

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