#France Sends Troops to Africa

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — In very interesting historic developments, I am surprised to hear that France is sending troops to Central African Republic where al-Qaida-linked Muslims are attacking Christian villages. These Muslim attacks are threatening genocide in a country which is in the heartland of the continent. This news of Christians being attacked like this, in my opinion, is biblically-prophetic because the scriptures prophesy such Christian persecution in the end times. I plan to follow this story in depth.

Plus, I want to see if media interest in these developments continues.

In other news, I am also surprized at the suspension by CBS of reporter Lara Logan. One of my all-time favorite investigative reporters, Logan was punished for being duped in a fake report about Benghazi. In an unrelated punishment, Alec Baldwin is being fired by MSNBC for his repeated attacks on paparazzi.

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