Thou Doth Flatter Thyself

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — My reported, reputed and conjectured romantic demise has been much exaggerated and ballyhooed. I find it necessary to clarify my vaunted standing with respect to the passage of time as it is related to my “romantical” prowess.
So, Ferdie Werdie shared a link from near New Orleans:

My post recently GROW OLD WITH DIGNITY about my so-called decline in the field of amorous endeavors is catching some vended interest around the world from other old farts, I mean,  sum’a-duh-beyotches like myself. I hope that this announcement about my continued prowess and breathing of H2O actually goes viral. Some of my lovely nephews, nieces, offspring, etc. doth flatter themselves too much when they clamor that I am old and washed-up. Also, my so-called sexual decline in the romance department is totally & overly exaggerated. Below, I list one Twitter fan of mine who has graciously taken notice of my announcement and shared it with the world.
George Brownell@gwbrownell tweeted approval of @ferdiewerdie’s announcement by reTweeting it here:

Yes, I appreciated someone noticing my dilemma and giving me support.  7 Apr Need our offspring say, “Dad, you have to learn to grow old with dignity?” (via @ferdiewerdie

@gwbrownell graciously shared ferdie’s tweet…
So, @FerdieWerdie magnanimously replied: I think that fine young ladies truly cannot help themselves around me, 007-Goldfinger. I mean …Werdie; Ferdie Werdie ..LOL. That is why I wanted to share this movie clip based on my book DRIVE WOMEN CRAZY.

This was my my reply to @gwbrownell’s retweet:

George Brownell@gwbrownell    7 Apr  also tweeted the picture above and thanked the the young lady who posted the picture.: “Good question, Diane.” … ( Thanks, Diane Carlysle )

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