Sitting Wolf

GAZETTE (New Orleans) — The Play-In game (PELS vs. Lakers) will be played at the home of seed 9 team which is New Orleans for right now. The winner will play the loser of the seed 7 vs. 8 game ( Den vs. Clippers). The winners of the Play-In games will then go to the playoffs as seeds 7 and 8 with the losers eliminated and going home. Then the regular Playoffs tourney (Round 1) 7-game series’ will start: 1vs.8, 2vs.7, 3vs.6, 4vs.5.

To my brother, Carl: Look at all of the teams lower than New Orleans and Los Angeles (pertaining to the draft). I feel sorry for the 7 and 8 seeds who used to go straight to the playoffs without having to play the 9 or 10 seed. I think it is unfair to 7 and 8. The pandemic is over now. Why not go back to the old system now.

The PELS are seed №9.

UPDATE to last week’s NBA standings: @Carl Delery >>I hope that you are not mad at me for our discussion last week about the standings for the playoffs between the Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans. Look where the Lakers are now; they even fell out of the play-in. So, they might not make the playoffs; but the NBA still has seven games left to play. Just click that picture below to enlarge it where you can see the standings well. Just click the picture!

Standings as of Friday, April 1

Last week in PELICANS versus Charlotte, a referee threw out one of New Orleans’ players who was shutting Charlotte down. I have not watched the Pels since last week when that bad call by the refs cost them the game vs. Charlotte. New Orleans fans are still sensitive to bad calls since the refs rudely cost the Saints three Super Bowl appearances recently. The PELICANS were running away with the game. I immediately changed the channel. Herbert Jones did not foul roughly, but was thrown out of the game anyway. I, just this minute, saw that New Orleans lost. I could not watch anymore after that bad call. The referee gave the game to Charlotte. That might change New Orleans’ whole season.

@Carl >>Did you say that someone told you about the metrics of the Anthony Davis trade deal between Los Angeles and New Orleans? I know you did not figure that out all by yourself. That is some deep mathematics. Yes, the Anthony Davis trade involved stuff like that. However, I was talking about the playoffs scenario not about any confounded draft picks. Our argument here reminds me of the SAINTS losing out on QB DeShawn Watson to Cleveland. So, the SAINTS yesterday gave QB Jameis Winston $24M/2 yrs to return to New Orleans. Cleveland gave Deshaun $230M, plus they gave Houston a bunch of 1st round picks. The SAINTS got Jameis back at a bargain basement price, and he might just bring us to the Super Bowl.


COMING SOON! I will write something about my two brothers and my dad. What I want to say stems from a post that my brother wrote (linked below). His post inspired me to want to say, for example, that both of the houses that I lived in at my marriages were made possible for me by my dad. Plus, likewise, it is such with the very house that I live in now. Thusly, I think that my dad’s spirit/virtue has passed down from him onto my brothers.

Here is the link to that post:

My brothers; Alan and Carl. My dad; Ferdinand Jr.

Now, back to my Indian name:

My Indian name is Sitting Wolf. I may have a little Indian blood in my roots, but I also have some French-Cajun ancestors who fought with Sitting Bull at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. They wore cuts from their Mardi Gras Indian costumes and blended in with the Native Indians. My Cajun ancestors were angry about how the Yankees had been carpetbagging in Louisiana after the Civil War. Summarily, the name Sitting Wolf passed down to me likewise to what I explained in my article at entitled King Farouk III.

About my ascendency to the throne of the ancient King Farouk Dynasty which I explain in the article, I succeeded Fuad II who was the ninth mystical ruler of the ancient Muhammad Ali Dynasty and am in the lineage of the penultimate King of Mount Zion per the Caribbean Sea.

Sitting Wolf

Sitting Bull posing below with Buffalo Bill, 1885

Buffalo Bill, known for his Wild West Show that featured Native American men and women, struck a partnership with Sitting Bull in 1885 when Sitting Bull performed on his show for several months. Sitting Bull lead his people against the US government at the Battle of Little Bighorn (among other battles).

Sitting Bill and Wild Bill

After he left Bill’s show, the two remained friends that lasted until the end of their respective lives. Sitting Bull ended up going back to his tribe after the show in support of his tribe’s Ghost Dance movement which the United States looked upon as insubordination. The U.S. ended the tribe’s Ghost Dance ceremony with a massacre of the Indians.

Arapaho woman called ‘Pretty Nose’ sitting for her portrait at Fort Keogh, Montana, 1879

A photographer captured this image of Pretty Nose, a woman who was a member of the Arapaho tribe who was a war chief who took part in the Battle of Little Bighorn. 

Pretty Nose

There are those who stated that she was a member of the Cheyenne tribe, but what she wore identified her as Arapaho, thanks to the black, red, and white cuffs adorning her. She lived well into old age, so much so that she was able to see her grandson, Mark Soldier Wolf, become an elder of the Arapaho tribe. 

That American war plane looks beautiful flying off of the battleship on its way to mete out some American justice. Where are all of those great American heroes from back then who now would surely not allow these deplorables and sedtionists to drive a stake into the heart of our American justice.

… red-blooded thoughts about this warplane headed off to mete out some good ol’ red-blooded American justice.
Says that Putin is a genius.

Here below is a video showing my jambalaya and how it turns out. I cook jambalaya, gumbo, shrimp stew and other Creole staples occasionally. See the video below for my jambalaya.

My Jambalaya!

This is my jambalaya.

My Cooking is Often Ruff.

Shockingly, I have not poisoned myself yet with my cooking during the pandemic. Normally, in regular times, one of my loved ones (like my #ex-wife, my daughters, my son-in-law, etc.) invites me over for pork chops, steaks, lasagna, grilled ribs, gumbo, shrimp stew and such… on almost a daily basis. Or else, every day I drive to one of my favorite creole/cajun restaurants for #worldfamous food… I cook at home often too if necessary. However, my cooking could gag a maggot; but you “got to do what you got to do.” Oh, I forgot, my sister Karen too brings over/ drops off her fine cuisine sometimes too… or my brother Carl and his wife pick me up every morning for lunch when they are in town.

This is known as my crawfish pie.

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