Live in da Hive vs. Miami Heat

Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale

The fine Jennifer Hale ‏@JenHale504 on 25 March tweeted:
Hornets upset the Nuggets 110-86 with 7 Nola players in double digits. Next up: Clippers & Heat.

My Reply to @JenHale504:

Ferdie Werdie‏ @ferdiewerdie tweeted,
@JenHale504 >>We couldn’t do it. #Clippers prevailed. #TGIF & let’s beat da #Heat as #Hornets are again live in da hive. Jennifer, I just have to say to you right here: Geaux, You Fine Thang …You are totally gorgeous; and you make me shake like a leaf every time you do an interview on TV. Like Elvis said, “I’M ALL SHOOK UP!!”

Fine Interviews: Jennifer Hale

NEW ORLEANS (by Ferdie) — I recently replied with a tweet to lovely Jennifer Hale, the gorgeous sandy-haired courtside reporter for the Hornets, about the Hornets’ fortunes. In the photo above she is showing her lovely smile. On Monday, March 25, I absolutely enjoyed watching the Hornets break the Denver Nuggets’ 15-game winning streak. The Bees scored the victory even without 1st-string play-makers Eric Gordan & Greivis Vasquez who were injured. It was an exciting game! I just had to put my two-cents in Re: Jennifer’s tweet. Between the action on the court and Jennifer’s fine interviews, I had a fun time. Subsequently, the high-flying Los Angeles Clippers dared to come to the Big Easy on Wednesday, March 27, and bury their foot in the Hornets’ buttockle area. TONIGHT in the hive: The Heat! The Heat! The Miami Heat! YES, I’M STUTTERING!

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Brian Roberts (back-up point guard for Greivis Vasquez) on Monday could not himself believe the outstanding performance which he delivered to help end Denver’s 15-game win streak.

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