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Media keep showing this LSU gymnast. She appeared in SI Swimsuit edition. Cover also. She is going viral.

LSU gymnist.
By the way...

GAZETTE (May 16) — I found a nice-looking fishing location during the day yesterday in St. Tammany Parish while driving by. I drove back at 4:40 a.m. with my fishing pole confident I’d leave with several fish. I saw this sign at the entrance to the big ol’ fine pier (if you can see it) that said DO NOT FEED THE ALLIGATORS. #HellNo! I mean, Hell To The No! I walked on the pier briefly, and then left.

Then, I read...

A fine article about the hidden life of actor Burt Lancaster at the below link:

Here is a newspaper article (at the below link) giving me a great, new idea for my already fine boudin recipe.

Click the picture below because I linked it also to the article about the new twist that I want to add to my boudin.

My recipe was already delicious. See it below.
My recipe has a few secrets:

I left out several of my secret ingredients because you can just substitute some of your favorite cajun or tasty delicacies. You can find some suggestions at the link.

April 5, 2023 at 9:57 pm

Pelicans clinch at least a Play-In berth!
New Orleans’ win over the Grizzlies guarantees the Pelicans a Play-In berth and clinches the Nuggets the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference.

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen!

Bring all of your life situations to the cross.

See the cross!
You have to see the cross in your situation before you see the resurrection. I count it all joy. By the way, I will write an article in my Delery Gazette about my last dancing session in public which I wish I could turn back the hands of time in order to make a correction.

Crawfish, anyone?

My thoughts on entering crawfish season in Louisiana:


I definitely have something to say about Gov. Ron DeSantis’ book-banning and blocking of classes on Critical Race Theory in Florida schools. What I say below explains some of it. You can see the link sitting above “Add a comment“.

Below, after the Sofia Vergara picture, I explain my deep love for old-school movies and pictures… Firstly, Here is a link 🔗 to click (shown below also) which I am trying to embed here. I am searching for words to describe the precarious state of the world today. Russia’s evil leader, Vladimir Putin, has the world on the brink of Armageddon. You can click the link (in the meantime)  until I figure out how to embed it and what I want to say.

May I say… ?

Sophia Vergara is #1 in my heart, and #1 in the world as most beautiful.

Sofia Vergara
In the clip below is one of my favorite couples in cinematic romances.

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman are here in an iconoclastic scene from Casablanca.

Of all the gin joints…
Thank God for the channels that provide us movies from the Golden Age.
Then, onto the ‘AINTS…
(February 2, 2023) -- The SAINTS offensive scheme sucks...

GAZETTE (July) — How can this baby have the same exact smile as her mom’s. I will search to see if her mom has any later pictures of her baby. I want to see if her daughter still looks like her “mini-me.”

Mini-me; mom.

Ferdie has some words about Jesus.
Ferdie said something at the below link about Jesus:

Jesus Christ walking on water.

The story of this Civil War couple touched me.
He died at Battle of Bull Run.

Two weeks after his last love letter to his wife during the Civil War, this man was killed at the Battle of Bull Run. All of the lives lost in making this country what it is, it is a sin and a shame that insurrectionist, traitor, seditionist Donald Trump is perched to announce in July his candidacy for President of the United States. Trump has served no penalty, has answered no questions to the Justice Department, has gone completely “Scott free” over the January 6th insurrection.

BREAKING NEWS (note: this was an APRIL Fool prank which I fell for) >>Colin Kaepernick has reportedly signed a 3 year $28 million deal with the New England Patriots, per Adam Schefter.


Now to the LaLa Land of Orangeman, Donald Trump...

We hear so much said about Donald Trump that we become anesthetized to the surrealism.

I extend my thoughts and wishes to Sidney Poitier.

Ferdie Frozencup

I need a second take on Sidney.

More coming!

I want to write about the turn of the New Year celebrations and the aftermath that I have been enjoying. New Year’s Eve started out with the arrival of guests at my daughter’s house. I will write more. I have to take a few minutes to reflect on the first days of 2022 for me.

New Year’s Eve Preparations

Now, I preview several of my later posts for your choice.

  • Saints 2023 Record
    See the link below where AI predicts that the SAINTS will have an 11-6 record. I predict a 6-11 record because the nincompoop offensive coordinator keeps sticking […]
  • Clarence Thomas
    Clarence is not leaving for himself a great legacy in history. How can you say he is a credit to his race when he is tearing down […]
  • Holiday Food
    I will cook a batch of my cajun boudin soon, and post a picture of a new addition to my recipe. Of course, I might also write […]
  • George Armstrong Custer
    This is a brief allusion to George Armstrong Custer and Custer’s Last Stand. I will add more information later on from my “Last Stand” study. Sitting Bull […]
  • Snoop Dog
    Big Mama sang it before Elvis did. I am trying to remember if Elvis sang it for his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. This hit launched […]
  • All-Star Zion Williamson
    JESUS H. CHRIST!! Pelicans’ #ZionWilliamson is named as a starter on the #NBA All-Star team. #Hallelujah! What in the hell do you think of that? I cannot […]
  • Mardi Gras 2023
    Here I write about a Mardi Gras memory; a blast from the past! Firstly, a note: by Ferdie (Jan. 28, 2023) — I received some good news […]

Donald! Donald! Do not touch your daughter like that.

Nooooo, Donald!

Oh, no you didn’t? Not in 1960’s America!

Saints 2023 Record

See the link below where AI predicts that the SAINTS will have an 11-6 record. I predict a 6-11 record because the nincompoop offensive coordinator keeps sticking 4th string QB Tayson Hill in at QB every 3 or 4 plays, disrupting the starting QB’s mojo. Too stupid! Otherwise, the Saints would have made the playoffs last year.

AI predicts the 2023 records of all teams at this link:

I do not think so.

With AI help, these predictions have the SAINTS in rarefied air at 11-6 this season. I personally still doubt the Saints’ offensive-coaching brain power. The team’s talent could win the Super Bowl, but the Saints’ offensive scheme is feeble-minded. I see a 6-11 record. Geaux #7 Taysom Hill at QB, TE, RB, punt-k/o returner, wide receiver, offensive in-and-outer who could help power-run the Saints to the Super Bowl if he were played correctly. SURELY NOT IN-AND-OUT AT QUARTERBACK! To keep putting Taysom (4th string QB) in-and-out when Andy Dalton and Jameis Winston were the field generals is as bone-headed as I have seen in professional football.

Meanwhile, for me... WOMEN? WOMEN! WOMEN!

This is how I look snagging a fine woman.

Clarence Thomas

Clarence is not leaving for himself a great legacy in history. How can you say he is a credit to his race when he is tearing down everything that people fought and died for in the 1960’s? He is gutting voting rights, destroying affirmative action, turning abortion rights back to the Dark Ages. Plus, he receives questionable “political” gifts, hides under-the-table unethical dealings, has lied, etc. Clarence Thomas has turned the Supreme Court into one with ethical problems. My question is: do some of his actions taint his court rulings?

Uncle Clarence

Speaking of the “MAGA crowd,” Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife works with the deplorables even though Clarence rules in the Supreme Court on many of the MAGA actions. Democrats call for new supreme court ethics rules amid Clarence Thomas’ recurring scandals… which ethics rules will be too little and way too late. It is so unfair for Judge Thomas to pass SCOTUS judgements on the very rights and most personal freedoms of Americans’ lives. In his unethical hands are life and death judgements which will last for many decades and beyond. How unfair to Americans!
Democrats accuse the top U.S. court of the ‘lowest ethical standards’ in history, but Republicans say criticism of Justices Neil Gorsuch and Thomas is unfounded. The Republicans are evil and rotten.

Democrats clamor for ethics rules.

Holiday Food

I will cook a batch of my cajun boudin soon, and post a picture of a new addition to my recipe. Of course, I might also write a more in-depth recipe for y’all exposing some of my secret ingredients.

In Cajun cooking, particularly that of Acadiana parish in Louisiana, boudin refers to a mixture of meat, rice, and seasonings which are then stuffed in pork casings. Pork is the most traditional meat used, but you’ll also find boudin stuffed with crawfish, alligator, or shrimp. Boiled, smoked, or grilled, boudin can be consumed virtually anywhere which makes it an easy and satisfying on-the-go meal that fisherman and hunters are especially fond of.

I am thinking about the SAINTS.

Okay, the Saints are resting now since I wrote the below meme. However, I am beginning to read about the Saints again, but we all know that they are going to lose ignominiously this coming season if they continue their offense with the same juvenile game plan as last season… #woeisme!

…unless they play one QB at a time. Then, I will like them again.

NOTE: By the way, See below what I think about the New Orleans SAINTS’ game plan under the current coaches.

GAZETTE (April 14, 2023) — I cannot wait until I get to my refrigerator in order to see what holiday deliciousness is left.

UPDATE: I “eviscerated” the food into my stomach. So, that is why…
The cat who ate the canary.
The cat who ate the canary.

I said that they put me in “time out” because it looks like they punished me after I raided the fridge for some leftovers from Thanksgiving.


If you are wondering what my thoughts were when I studied the picture of this girl, I wrote out some words that explain a little bit about what was percolating in my cranial area at the time. Scroll down a little bit to see what I wrote.

I say something below.
More news...

Now that my stomach is filled up, I feel like watching some TV. I do not need any blankets or heat because it is very pleasant tonight.

She is watching TV.


Music is the language of love. A song is what sparked off all of the love in the classic movie CASABLANCA.

Oh, what a love song!

I just watched the New Orleans SAINTS get rubbed out in a football game as usual. But anyway...
Click #7’s picture for more.

The Baton Rouge Advocate bought the New Orleans Times-Picayune and now we get LSU on the front page of the sports every day, and relegate Saints, Pels, Tulane to page four or further back in the newspaper. UPDATE: Word must have reached the Advocate because the newspaper has recently been fairer in its placement of stories about SAINTS, Pelicans, Tulane, etc.

Even Jesus Christ held music “upon high” in his ministry, and sang hymns when he met with his followers. Jesus’ music tradition is still carried on today in most religions which hold music up in a high place. The Scriptures say that the Lord lives in our praises. Godly, spiritual music is praise.

This picture below is scientists’ rendition of how Jesus looked (using scientific and DNA methods). This is the picture of Jesus that they portray.

Jesus Christ

Scientific methods drew this picture of how they say that Jesus looked.

Do you remember when Donald Trump strangled his secret service agent on January 6th?

Do you believe your very own eyes or do you believe the words coming out of Donald Trump’s lying mouth about the incident?

Proof with your own eyes…

GAZETTE (New Orleans) — This picture below of Mrs. Thomas is somewhat mean-spirited. Mrs. Clarence Thomas is a lovely lady. It is her politics and sway on Clarence’s SCOTUS decisions that people do not like.

Ginni Thomas

This is a younger picture (below) of Ginni Thomas which shows how lovely she was.

Ginni when younger.

Many people wonder if Donald Trump will suffer any consequences for his insurrection crimes on January 6th. He wants to announce early for the 2024 Presidential race in order to protect himself from prosecution. His thinking is that no charges will be brought against him while he is campaigning.

Meanwhile, I would like to perform my act and music again.

by FERDIE (July 4) — My stand-up comedy and music career might be over. The Corona virus shut the doors of the coffee house at which I performed for a number of years. When it opened back up (they and Algiers Point Bar where I did some open mic nights) contacted me often to come back and perform. I was not ready to go into Corona crowds yet. They eventually stopped calling. I might start back, but I still avoid Corona crowds.

Coffee house where I performed for years before Corona hit.

Kareem Abdul Jabber at 7’2″ makes Bill Russell and Muhammad Ali (both over 6 feet tall) look short. I tell you what, as I get older, I can see people who were shorter than I now look taller than I. It surprises me, but I had a back injury with vertebrae damage.

Kareem Abdul Jabber

Have you ever seen a turtle basking in the sunlight. It is almost a spiritual act. I could never understand it

Basking in the sunlight.
A Native indigenous question answered at this link:

Native American Legends:

Wakan Tankan (Wakataka)

Name: Wakan Tanka. Tribalaffiliation:LakotaDakota Personage: The Great Spirit; God. Alternate spellings: Wakantanka, Wakan-Tanka, Wakataka
Pronunciation: wah-kahn tahn-kah
Also known as: Great Mystery
Type: High godCreator
Related figures in other tribes:Wakanda (Omaha), Earth-maker (Ho-chunk), Gitche Manitou (Ojibway)

Wakan Tanka is the great Creator power of the Lakota and Dakota tribes. Wakan Tanka is an abstract, omnipresent creative force who is never personified in traditional Siouan legends, and in fact did not even have a gender before the introduction of English with its gender-specific pronouns.

Wakan Tanka Stories


    Wikipedia article about the Great Mystery.

Wakan Tanka; The Great Spirit

Inquiring minds want to know. Can we come up with the public’s opinion on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard of their day (Brad&Angie)? I am now thinking that I should have given 2 more choices: 1. Neither one is wrong, or 2. Both of them are wrong.

100% of the voters said that Brad was wrong.


Sexy Jessica Simpson wants to know too. BREAKING NEWS (2016) was reported on the custody battle between Angelina and Brad:

I am happy to see that they resolved the custody battle for now.

Dear Marilyn!

To Marilyn.

Say something at boscoville:

Click link. Leave a message.
Guess which student...

Guess which student I probably was in grammar school. I am just conjecturing from my first thoughts when I saw this cartoon.

George Armstrong Custer

This is a brief allusion to George Armstrong Custer and Custer’s Last Stand. I will add more information later on from my “Last Stand” study. Sitting Bull and Custer fought at the Battle of the Little BigHorn where Custer died on June 25, 1876.

Custer's Last Stand.

Sitting Bull poses below with Buffalo Bill, 1885

Buffalo Bill, known for his Wild West Show that featured Native American men and women, struck a partnership with Sitting Bull in 1885 when Sitting Bull performed on his show for several months. Sitting Bull in 1876 had lead his people against the U.S. government at the Battle of Little Bighorn (among other battles). The United States maintained its desire for revenge against Sitting Bull until it was successful in his death in 1890 two weeks before the Wounded Knee massacre of his tribe.

Sitting Bull and Wild Bill

After he left Bill’s show, the two remained friends that lasted until the end of their respective lives. Sitting Bull ended up going back to his tribe after the show in support of his tribe’s Ghost Dance movement which the United States looked upon as insubordination. The U.S. ended the tribe’s Ghost Dance ceremony with a massacre of the Indians.

‘Pretty Nose’ sits here for her portrait in 1879

A photographer captured this image of Pretty Nose at Fort Keogh, Montana, in 1879. She was a member of the Arapaho tribe and was a war chief who took part in the Battle of Little Bighorn. 

Pretty Nose

There are those who stated that she was a member of the Cheyenne tribe, but what she wore identified her as Arapaho, thanks to the black, red, and white cuffs adorning her. She lived well into old age, so much so that she was able to see her grandson, Mark Soldier Wolf, become an elder of the Arapaho tribe. 

Then, more about Custer!

Where was Custer's Last Stand?

The Battle of the Little Bighorn was fought along the ridges, steep bluffs, and ravines of the Little Bighorn River, in south-central Montana on June 25-26, 1876. The Native combatants were warriors of the Lakota Sioux, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes, battling men of the 7th Regiment of the US Cavalry, along with their Crow, and Arikara scouts.

Some girls survived the U.S. army massacres of that period.

What season are we in in Louisiana?

I wanted to say something about what season we are now in in Louisiana:

Chris Rock breaks down why Will Smith is a “bitch” and that Will practices #selectiveoutrage when Will should be mad at Jada.

Snoop Dog

Big Mama sang it before Elvis did. I am trying to remember if Elvis sang it for his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. This hit launched Elvis onto his phenomenal career. My thoughts: “You been snoopin’ round my door. You can wag your tail, but I ain’t gon’ feed ya’ no more”!

Here is Elvis' version on Ed Sullivan.
Tom, Tom Tom! Then there was Tom...–TE&bdk=z020409_63e26481aa299100083303a2

People often say about me, “They don’t even see you coming, Ferd.” Why do they say this? Because by the time I sneak up on you if you grieve me it is too late to run.–TE&bdk=z020409_63e26481aa299100083303a2

All-Star Zion Williamson

JESUS H. CHRIST!! Pelicans’ #ZionWilliamson is named as a starter on the #NBA All-Star team. #Hallelujah!

What in the hell do you think of that?

I cannot wait until the All-Star game.

These two Hollywood icons were sleeping with men undercover. Tell me it “ain’t” so. These here are Cary Grant and Gary Cooper. The article in the link below says they left “a legacy of bravery and perseverance.” Maybe, that is such concerning the roles they played in the movies; not so in their life as gays.

The link below might explain some of their gay lifestyles.

Mardi Gras 2023

Here I write about a Mardi Gras memory; a blast from the past!

Firstly, a note: by Ferdie (Jan. 28, 2023) — I received some good news about my A1C and blood sugar levels on Thursday. My doctor said, “Excellent”!

After that good news, this is what I said about my “staying afloat” health wise and how I wanted to celebrate:

Now, back to my article:

BOSCOVILLE (Gazette) — By the way, this is from Mardi Gras weekend 2014 in New Orleans: The best of the parades and the best of the Balls are this weekend… culminating on Fat Tuesday. I am worn down tonight; but I am going to kick things back off in the morning.

Yes, this picture is becoming one of my favorites. I need to find this poster and hang it on my wall. WHERE CAN I FIND THIS POSTER?? I want it.

New Orleans

New Orleans

GAZETTE (February, 2014) I just read something that reminded me that the OSCARS are tonight. I might come back online later and list my choices before the broadcast.

GAZETTE (Jan. 20, 2023) — True story! During a 2023 New Year’s celebration (at about 1220am), I sang a song for the crowd which I dedicated to a sweet someone which rendition made her swoon. I occasionally serenade her anyway; and many of the romance songs which I sang at the Coffee House were written by me for her. Very true!

GAZETTE (Jan. 28, 2023) — This following definition enhancement is illuminating for me because it tells me a success strategy. It might help me with reaching my goals: Ideation is not just a one-time idea generation or a brainstorming session. In fact, we can divide ideation into these three stages: generation, selection, and development.

A NOTE in 2014. (I have since changed my mind 180°): Coach Monty Williams of the New Orleans Pelicans needs to be fired. This team has been in last place of their division for the last three years. Does owner Tom Benson have his head stuck up his buttockal area?

Jane Fonda was Barbarella

In 1968, Jane Fonda portrayed Barbarella in the iconic movie. For more about Barbarella, click the picture below.

Click about the below picture.

In a repost from 2019: This is New Orleans SAINTS’ Demario Davis speech before the Seattle SEAHAWKS game:
Listen up!
It’s time to hunt. It’s time to hunt.
The hunt’s got three parts.
First it’s the prowl.
The prowl is where you study your prey and you creep in and figure out how you’re going to get that perfect strike. We done studied this opponent all week. We know the opponent. Now it’s time to strike,
The second part is the kill.
The kill is what people don’t like. That’s that nasty (stuff.) It’s violent. It’s SAINTSick. It’s malicious. It’s violent. When you see your opponent today, look him in his eyes and take his soul. And don’t stop until it’s gone. Don’t stop until it’s gone.

And the last part is to eat. It’s to eat. That’s the whole reason why we are here. When one wolf eat, all the wolves eat. When one lion eats, all the lions eat. So if you want to take care of your brother, you eat. You eat by making plays. Every throw. Every catch. Every tackle. Every sack. Let’s go eat. Let’s go eat!!



I like old-school movies and old-school pictures. Bettie Page has to be the most prolific pinup queen ever. She has a great, unending volume of pictures. The Los Angeles Times wrote: “Page was most famous for the estimated 20,000 4-by-5-inch black-and-whoite glossy photographs taken by amateur shutterbugs from 1949 to 1957. The photos showed her in high heels and bikinis or negligees, bondage apparel–or nothing at all.”

I liked last year’s…


GAZETTE (Sept. 2019) — Where is #HurricaneDorian going to hit in the U.S.? I heard some say that it might hit #Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s #Florida resort.

Ann Coulter sent an interesting tweet.

I want to say that Senator Mitch McConnell is a no-account scoundrel.

OH! I am all shook up.

Heidi Klum

To explain the meaning of the Louisiana state flag, one must stress the fact of the Catholic spiritual act of self mutilation or self torture. This is called vulning which many Catholics have practiced throughout history. The pelican harms itself to feed blood to the three chicks. This is symbolic of Christ who sacrificed his blood to save his followers. Louisiana is historically a Catholic state based on its French and Spanish roots.

NOTE: The Dodgers will win next year. The San Diego Padres are still hanging on this year. UPDATE: Eventually, the Houston Astros beat the Phillies in the 2022 World Series after the Phillies eliminated the Padres 4 games to 1 in their series.

In the meantime, I would surely enjoy some pie...

My warning to all of the dummies and critics in the world: you do not eat the whole pan, you big dummy.

Do no eat whole pan.

I was in a movie with Paula, DEJA VU. I know that I mention this occasionally. I am watching one of her other movies right now and that is what made me bring it up. I was an extra in Deja Vu; Paula was one of the Stars. We eyeballed each other on the set. I tweeted her to ask her out after she and her husband, singer Robin Thicke, broke up. I tweeted her to ask if she wanted me to escort her to the Oscars.

Paula Patton and my tweet to her. I asked her out on a date.

And now, here is Heidi Klum in the picture below. I had posted a video of Heidi here also, but I took it down today. In the video, she was “too sexy for herself.” 🙂 I heard a comedian say that onstage once. He said that he was too sexy for himself.

Heidi Klum

Then, here goes O.J. running off his mouth how Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension for molesting 27 women was a long enough punishment. My opinion is that Deshaun should have been suspended for the whole season.

O.J. puts foot in… mouth.

My current take on the New Orleans Saints: I turned my TV off Sunday in the 4th Quarter after 2 horrific referee calls. I cannot take it anymore! P.S. I have the hat on in the picture below because my head got cold overnight.

Geaux Saints!

Okay, Elvis! HIT IT!!
This is a great scene...