Whoo La La

What’s up with Nick Saban? Is he sensitive/hurt since Tennessee beat his #sissy team this weekend? Click the link until I can embed it. I loved ❤️❤️❤️ watching Alabama (6-1) lose. My opinion is that Saban needs to lose more often. Plus, Tulane (6-1) is now ranked in the top 25 and LSU is not. Alabama is ranked #6.

GAZETTE (July 1) — An Essence Festival spokesperson says the negative test policy update sent in error, must be vaccinated for entry. All attendees must have proof of vaccination to get past the gates.


Updated: 12:21 PM CDT Jul 1, 2022

Proof of vaccination only accepted.

GAZETTE (Match 30) — The New Orleans Saints have picked up QB Andy Dalton to back up Jameis Winston. Excellent move! I like this very much. Former backup QB, Taysom Hill, will now be used mainly as a tight end. I love the move with Andy Dalton. Now, Jameis Winston will have to have a good year for these moves to pay off.

Geaux Saints.
The 2022 season.
Oh, my goodness...

The New Orleans Pelicans are playing the Lakers on Sunday night. I am sweating bricks. The Lakers might want sweet revenge for that major butt-whooping that the Pelicans laid on them last month. Good God almighty!! UPDATE: The Pels beat the Lakers in an exciting game, and are now riding a high “wave.”

I think that I like this video below. Last week, I posted a still picture of this young lady. Now, thank God, she has put out a video of the photo session. Lovely!


Sorry to drag @rickygervais into this but his jokes at the Golden Globes were brutal. BRUTAL. No one slapped him because…well…he’s a comedian. @chrisrock didn’t deserve this and Will Smith ruined what should have been one of the best nights of his life. https://t.co/obXKy7qPed

Please don’t leave me, Jada.
Oscar and Globe jokes are brutal. Will Smith is low class.

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