Yes, I Got Liked

Look at the surprise #notification that I received last night from Twitter:

A miracle surely did occur inside my house at 7:10 pm New Orleans time on Friday the 13th (May, 2016). I will write about it here at my blog at some point later this weekend because the effects might not quite be finito yet. In fact, I will go off right now in order to re-ignite my Catholic novena candle so that I can fire up more miraculous power from the good #Lord

Also, I was searching this morning for some stuff, and found some very interesting Chinese names.

Former presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s 600 delegates could possibly insist at the Republican convention in July that their votes actually count toward Ted Cruz, hurting Trump’s luster and bluster at the convention. The runner-up himself could minimize his support of Donald Trump if Trump sets an ugly tone towards Cruz’s rights to give a convention speech as the runner up. Plus, there are 3 other possibilities which could or might rear their ugly heads at the Republican convention.

The vote for Trump’s vice-presidential nominee could become contentious. There could be a fight by true conservatives to plug into the platform some of their policies; or, God forbid, some delegates could insist upon a rules change disallowing the 8-state minimum wins in order to nominate anyway who has won delegates. In New Orleans (in other political news) is it illegal for a judge to give a man jail time in a closed hearing from inside a closed court room?

The eleven-day sentence handed down by a local judge has kicked up some controversy in New Orleans. I have truly supported and backed this judge politically in the past. In fact, I have been a grand supporter of his for many years. I plan to read the bulk of paperwork from this case because there has to be something more to the story than reported publicly.

sidney judge

Judge Sidney Cates

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