Ship Back to Africa


I am 9 months deep into the Civil War in my reading of the book LINCOLN, upon which most of the current movie is based. President Lincoln’s Plan at this point concerning captured or run-away slaves is to ship them back to Africa or some place in a climate congenial to them. This is what freedman Frederick Douglas intuitively said about Lincoln’s Colonization plan: “The president does not understand that the black man is an American with no desire to live elsewhere. His attachment to the place of his birth is stronger than iron.”

Furthermore, since the beginning of the war, Douglas avowed that “nothing would terrify the South like the vision of thousands of former slaves wielding weapons on behalf of the Union Army.” He continued, “The very fact of color in this case would be more terrible than powder and balls,” and that the survival of the nation depended upon enlisting the “slaves and free colored people into the army. We are striking the rebels with our soft white hand, when we should be striking with the iron hand of the black man, which we keep chained behind us. We have been catching slaves instead of arming them.”

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